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Legend of Korra: An Avatar's Chronicle, The [Book Review]

While I have mixed feelings about the Legend of Korra as a whole, I still consider it one of my favorite animated shows and an impressive sequel to The Last Airbender. An Avatar's Chronicle is a love letter to fans of the series and even newcomers who have been nervous to give it a try.

In the years after her on screen adventures, Avatar Korra is tasked by her mentor Tenzin to write a series of letters and tips for future Avatars. Though she is reluctant to go through with the project she sends letters to her friends and family who have helped shape her own journey. Using their insights as inspiration for her own words of wisdom to the future Avatars of the world.

The entire book is written by Andrea Robinson, who seamlessly slips in and out of different character voices to give the book a hand written feel. Even though it has been years since I last saw the Legend of Korra's characters in action, their letters and writing immediately brings their voices to the forefront. Making the book feel like a very personal look into Korra's life in the years since she has been off screen.

There are even adorable little character notes and photos adding to this sort of scrapbook theme. Such as Mako sending Korra a list of his favorite police puns, a photo of Bolin during his short fame as a movie star, and a family recipe of coconut macaroons courtesy of the Tenzin's wife Penma.

But even more enjoyable is the artwork that has been contributed to this book. Including not only wonderful backgrounds of the different locals that Korra has visited, but original art (provided by Sora Medina) of Korra and her allies (and a few depictions of her various enemies). Some of my favorite in this book focuses on Korra and her friends in their private moments, such as Korra overlooking the Spirit Portal inside Republic City.

While I would say fans of Korra would get the most out of this book, it may also serve as an interesting outsiders view of the series. For those people who have wanted to check out the series but have yet to do so, this may serve as a good first look to decide if the Legend of Korra is a show that appeals to you.

Regardless, as a fan of the show when it came out, An Avatar's Chronicle is the perfect bookend to Korra's journey. Who is to say if we will see any more material focusing on the creative world of Avatar, but it has definitely been one heck of a ride.

FORMAT: Book  FROM: Insight Editions/Nickelodeon

IN A NUTSHELL: An Avatar's Chronicle serves as the perfect cap to Korra's tale of embracing a changing world.