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GKIDS Release 'Promare' English trailer

The North American release of Promare, the first movie release from Trigger is just around the corner. Hot on the heels of the first subtitled trailer, GKIDS Films have now released an English-language version. They've also announced the cast for the dubbed version of the film.

Promare is directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi and takes place in a world where flame-wielding mutants called the Burnish have appeared. 30 years after they first attacked a new breed of Burnish surface, and the Burning Rescue team must step up to save the day.

The dub is produced by NYAV Post (who are responsible for the dubs of most of GKIDS foreign language films) and supervised by Trigger themselves. The cast is led by Billy Kametz, Johnny Yong Bosch and Crispin Freeman, and also features the likes of Kari Wahlgren, Steve Blum and Neil Kaplan.

Promare will premiere as a special Fathom Events screening on September 17 and 19, before opening in select US theaters on September 20. To find your nearest screening and get your tickets, visit the official website here.

Check out the trailer and full cast, below.

English Voice Cast

Billy Kametz  Galo Thymos
Johnny Yong Bosch Lio Fotia
Crispin Freeman  Kray Foresight
Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld  Aina Ardebit
Neil Kaplan  Vulcan Haestus
Erica Lindbeck  Heris Ardebit
Kari Wahlgren  Lucia Fex
Steve Blum  Ignis Ex
Mike Pollock  Deus Prometh
John Bentley  Varys Truss
Billy Bob Thompson  Remi Puguna
Matt Mercer  Gueira
Yuri Lowenthal  Meis
Melissa Fahn Biar Colossus