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Watch This: The Wrong End Of The Stick

It may have been released on International Dog Day and be a story about man's best friend but don't let that fool you. The Wrong End Of The Stick is no cosy, cutesy canine tale. This short film from British filmmaker Terri Matthews is a dark comedy about Malcolm Fetcher a neurotic teacher who has a very bizarre mid-life crisis that throws his life and marriage into disarray.

The film takes some very bizarre turns- and it's very much NSFW and not for the easily offended- but it's very funny, extremely well animated and strangely touching in the end.  And don't just take our word for it- it was selected by Short Of The Week and has screened at almost 100 festivals around the world, scoring nominations at the Annie Awards and the British Independent Film Awards and wins from festivals including Animation Dingle and The London Comedy Film Festival.

The film was Terri's graduation film, made at the prestigious National Film and Television School (NFTS), where alongside her own work she worked on an unprecedented additional six graduation films. Since graduation, she has worked as a storyboard artist for studios including Aardman and Blue Zoo as well as working on her own projects, including developing her own dark animated comedy.

Of the film's unique tone she says "since Stressed Eric (1998-2000) and Monkey Dust (2003-2005), there has been a strange gap in mainstream British adult animation, so I set out to tell a crazy animated tale of a dull marriage finding its resurrection in a very bizarre fashion for an adult audience."

The film is produced in a very unique style too. It combines animated characters with live-action sets and props. Working with a talented live-action cinematographer, production designer and model makers, it works seamlessly and looks fantastic.

" I took the opportunity to make a film using hand-drawn 2D digital animation against full scale, visually compelling backgrounds: something the NFTS had never produced before," Terri says.

We think it works to brilliant effect- even the lighting of the sets fits the tone perfectly. We'll definitely be keeping an eye on Terri's work as we think she's got a bright future!

Check out the short below.

The Wrong End of the Stick (2016) from Terri Matthews on Vimeo.