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Best Star Wars Mini Series? Galaxy of Adventures

Since November 2018, Disney has been releasing new Star Wars related shorts entitled "Galaxy of Adventures". Under the banner of Star Wars Kids, these shorts recap segments of the larger Star Wars saga from the prequels to the original trilogy.

Though these shorts are less than two minutes in overall length, the art and animation featured in them is incredibly striking. Featuring fantastic light saber action sequences and beautiful recreations of iconic scenes from the franchise. Right down to using the original audio from each of the feature films.

Over 38 videos of the series are now free to watch on the Star Wars Kids Youtube page, and I've seen every single one.

If I'm being frank, I am shocked a full blown television series in this style has yet to be commissioned by Disney.

The talents behind these awesome little shorts is none other than Titmouse Cartoons, with Barry Kelly (Venture Bros animator/director) as the series director.

Sadly what holds back these shorts is how they have been presented. Disney's intention was to find a way to bring family members together (of various ages) and introduce newer Star Wars fans to the older films. While this is all well and good, I feel like more can be done with these designs and art style. Telling a serialized narrative of those key moments in Star Wars lore, flowing from one to the other.

Still, I think Titmouse has knocked the ball out of the park and has made something pretty special. If you are any type of Star Wars fan (young or old) you need to check these out.