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Spectacular 'Dragon Ball Z' 30th Anniversary Collection Coming to The UK

The original Dragon Ball Z is coming to Blu-Ray in the UK for the first time, in a stunning looking Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Complete Series Collection. Manga Entertainment have revealed they will release the box-set on November 25,  and it'll be limited to 750 units, which will be available exclusively through the Funimation UK store.

The collection will house the complete 291 episode series, remastered in HD in their original 4:3 ratio, across 37 discs. The UK has previously had Blu-Ray releases for the Dragon Ball Kai series and a number of the movies, but this will be the first time the full original series will be available on the format for collectors in the country.

It will be contained in a collectable art-box featuring a foil Shen-Ron design, and comes with a beautiful looking hard-cover artbook and an 11-inch Grandista Goku figure .

At £299 it's not cheap, but for the dedicated Zed-Head, you get a lot of bang for your buck. If it's a bit rich for your taste, we'd think it would be a fair guess that we may see a cheaper, less fancy release in future, or even releases of the individual seasons.

Preorder here.