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Web Animation Watch: 'The Quick And The Red', 'Summer Nights' and More

Welcome back folks once again to AFA's longest running feature Web Animation Watch. Every time we bring you the latest and greatest in web animation, whether it's new or just new to us.

And as always, if you've made (or found) something you think would be at home in a future edition, drop us a line.

The Ultimate 'Bambi' Recap

Animator Cas van de Pol specialises in bizarre animated 'recaps'- stylised and extremely condensed retellings of famous stories. Following the success of the recent Lion King Recap, Cas set their sight on a somewhat older Disney classic, Bambi. Obvious as it may seem, we should probably warn you that this contains spoilers for the 1942 film.  Support Cas on Patreon here.

Mario & Luigi: Super Anime Brothers

The talented team at Mashed like nothing more than taking a beloved pop-cultural icon and putting a fresh spin on it (see countless past editions of WAW). On the face of it "Mario as anime" doesn't sound like much of a stretch (seeing as the franchise has spawned the real thing) but this still manages to combine it with a particular strain of especially melodramatic anime to comedic effect.

The Quick and The Red

This inspired short from Abigail Mercante and Monserrat Barahona puts an unexpected twist on a well-known tale. Relocating Red Riding Hood to the old west, here Red is a Sherrif hunting the big bad wolf outlaw. Only there's an even bigger twist yet to be revealed...

SIAMÉS "Summer Nights"

This gorgeous animated music video produced by Rudo Company beautifully captures a sense of youthful rebellion and seemingly endless summer nights. The animation style, and muted colour palette is part "indie comic", part "Studio 4°C/Masaaki Yuasa anime" Whoever their influences may be, the end result is nothing short of beautiful.