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Watch This! SpongeBob Reanimated Collab ("Help Wanted")

It's always fun to see groups of animators gather together to work on large collaborative projects. Shining a light not just on their favorite animated shows but their own creative perspectives. These ReAnimated projects are all over Youtube, from large scale collaborations such as Kirby Reanimated (featuring over 300 contributing animators), to smaller projects such as Be Prepared Reanimated (featuring the talent of 46 animators).

The latest submission in this long line of non profit collaborations comes to celebrate the birthday of the late creator of SpongeBob Squarepants, Stephen Hillenburg. This project (consisting of over 80 credited animators) depicts the very first episode of the now world famous western cartoon. Highlighting everything that made the series so much fun to watch. The energy, the humor and wonderfully exaggerated animation that punctuates each joke.