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Animation is FIlm Festival 2019

The third annual Animation is Film festival is ongoing this weekend, October 18-20, at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Beginning in 2017, this film festival was launched to fill the need of a US based animation film festival. At its launch, 13 films were showcased with four US premieres and 10 sold out events. The 2019 festival has 14 animated films being showcased from around the world with five US premieres and six sold out events at the time of this writing.

This film festival seeks to showcase a diverse set of animated films from around the world and continues to cultivate quite a collection for enthusiastic audiences to enjoy. It serves its purpose in providing an animation film festival that is accessible to both the public and industry professionals alike. In speaking with several festival attendees, it was clear that all shared a strong passion for animation and were excited to have a festival that celebrated this medium right in their backyard. "Animation is necessary for film," one attendee pointedly stated while waiting to attend a preview event. "Without animation, film cannot exist." This belief is at the heart of the festival and is a driving force in ensuring its return year after year.

The Animation is Film festival procures films that from creators who continually push the boundaries of the medium and seek to present a unique voice. From the hand painted Bombay Rose to the stop motion SHe, this festival shows that it is willing to take risks and stand out as a strong advocate for the medium. Filmmakers partake in Q&A sessions with attendees, allowing a unique opportunity to delve deeper into their craft and for attendees to learn from filmmakers.

Animation is Film festival continues its mission of showcasing films that push boundaries, have unique voices, and represent the very best of animation. The festival closes on Sunday, October 20 and there are still tickets available for some events including Ne Zha, a CG animated film from China, and a behind the scenes look at Netflix's upcoming animated film, Klaus. You can find more information and tickets here. We are excited to see the Animation is Film festival continuing its mission and anticipate its return in 2020.