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Web Animation Watch: 'Charlie The Unicorn', 'Memory Box', 'Out of Range' and More

Welcome back folks once again to AFA's longest running feature Web Animation Watch. Every time we bring you the latest and greatest in web animation, whether it's new or just new to us.

And as always, if you've made (or found) something you think would be at home in a future edition, drop us a line.

Charlie The Unicorn: The Grand Finale (Part One)

Charlie The Unicorn by FilmCow was one of the first big animated web series to gain popularity on YouTube. Now, more than eleven years after he first debuted, (and six years after the last episode) Charlie is back for one last hurrah. But how will it end? You can support FilmCow on Patreon, here.

Out Of Range

Modern technology can be a wonderful thing, but there's a danger if we become over-reliant on it. As the high-strung lawyer discovers in the short from Gobelins students Cao Yijia, Choukroune Lana and Guillard Cécile. After breaking down on a motorway, her phone GPS leads her off course, but along the way, she finds her true self.  Be sure to switch on the subtitles for the French dialogue.

Memory Box

Memory Box the thesis film from filmmaker Emmy Stork offers an empathetic look at what it's like to suffer from drug addiction. Told from the perspective of young adult Myra (depicted as an anthropomorphic sheep) it uses surreal imagery and a variety of different animation styles and techniques to haunting effect.

Sailor's Delight

A Mermaid tries to lure a couple of fishermen to a watery grave and gets more than she bargained for in this short from ESMA students Louise Aubertin, Eloïse Girard, Marine Meneyrol, Jonas Ritter, Loucas Rongeart, and Amandine Thomoux. Ariel, she definitely is not.

Mashed Cartoon Music Video Collection

Mashed have been bringing us all brilliant videos based on our favourite video games and pop culture for years. Frequently they've also been accompanied by brilliantly written (and insanely catchy) songs. Now for the first time they've been brought together in one bumper collection- complete with pop-up facts!