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Kickstart This! "S.A.L.E.M: The Secret Archive of Legends, Enchantments and Monsters"

Animated projects come in all shapes and sizes. From big blockbuster hits to humble passion projects of their creators. One such passion project comes from Illustrator, Samantha Sawyer (also known as Sincerely Sam), who is reaching out for support to create a animated series 6 years in the making.

Enter S.A.L.E.M or The Secret Archives of Legends, Enchantments and Monsters.

S.A.L.E.M. is an animated story filled with adventure, slice of life, self discovery, and pancakes. This story follows a young, bright-eyed cryptid named Salem, who lives with their guardian, the infamous Boogeyman. For years they'd prepared to 'take over the family business', only for their world to flip upside down when the truth is revealed. Salem is...adopted!? Wishing to discover their origin, Salem sets off with the aid of an enchanted book to discover their true self. Along the way, Salem is joined by the help of a wanna-be cryptid photographer named Oliver, and a psychic medium terrified of ghosts named Petra. With magical aid and plenty of energy drinks, the trio embark on a monster hunt.

 Already, this looks to be a promising new series with cute and clever writing, coupled with talented artists and actors. The existing cast includes: Laura Bailey (as the titular Salem), VA veteran Rob Paulson (as the Boogyman and the Cryptorium) and Adam McArthur (as cryptid fanatic Oliver). The series Youtube channel also includes a great deal of in development scenes, with storyboards provided by SpectroliteAAA.

At the time of this posting, the project is more than halfway to its $60,000 goal at its 18th day. Offering a great deal of rewards such as keychains, digital wall papers, artbooks, while generous donors will get a chance to include a character of their own design, or one on one time with certain members of the show's cast.

If you like what you see, follow the link below and support this exciting new series!

SALEM Kickstarter Page

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