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Second Trailer Arrives For Lupin III's First CGI Movie

Earlier this year we were caught unaware by the revealing of the first Lupin III CGI movie. Coming seemingly out of nowhere, the iconic gentleman thief made the jump to 3D in a stunning first trailer that blew us away.  The confusingly titled Lupin III: The First is written and directed by Takashi Yamazaki, director of Dragon Quest: Your Story and Stand By Me Doraemon, and is based on the characters created by the late Monkey Punch.

The second trailer has now arrived, giving us an even closer look at the upcoming movie. And it doesn't dampen our excitement one bit.

Even without the benefit of subtitles, it's clear this has all the hallmarks of a classic Lupin adventure. Lupin and his crew are after a book called The Bresson Diary- and you can bet they're not the only ones after it. The book seems to have some strange powers. And this being Lupin, there's a pretty young lady at the heart of all this.

The trailer shows off everything you could want from a Lupin story: globetrotting, car chases, action setpieces, double-crosses and daring heists. And of course, the ever-determined Inspector Zenigata is along for the ride, hoping to catch Lupin at last.

The Bresson Diary is apparently somehow connected to Lupin's famous grandfather- Arsene Lupin the first- which probably explains the meaning of the title.

Lupin III: The First arrives in Japanese cinemas on December 6. There's no sign of an English language release yet, but we're hopeful that someone will pick it up soon.