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Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans (2019)

So it's finally here, the much asked for return of the ORIGINAL Teen Titans as promised by the stinger from Teen Titans Go To The Movies that came out last year ... and it leaves a bit to be desired. Teen Titans Go! Vs Teen Titans is the latest DC Animated movie, and it sees the 2003 Teen Titans appear onscreen alongside their modern-day comedic equivalent from Teen Titans Go!

First things first, if you're just hoping to see your favorite animated Teen Titans back, you'll get it but this direct to video movie is covered in much of "GOs flavor"; so to speak. When I believe many fans would have wanted the other way around.

The old school Titans don't even show up till 16 minutes into the special and while it's great, they are written a bit out of character to make this special work. Such as having the old-school Titans break the fourth-wall, Singing songs that they wouldn't have done on the original show. And old-school Robin was behaving a little bit like Go Robin.

One of the inspirations for the show was to show a new generation of kid-fans just how awesome "Robin" is (Much implied to be Dick Grayson, but never directly stated on the show).
Go has done everything in its power to make Robin look like the worst superhero in existence.

These kind of crossovers can vary, some are more successful than others -such as Transdimensional Remix, where the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meet the original 80s TMNT. Or in comics when the Scooby Gang met alternate versions of themselves. They met all their counterparts after 50 years of being in media.

Which is what this special does, we get to see different interpretations of the Teen Titans Team. The DCAFU Teen Titans, The Comic Book Tiny Titans, The Comic Book New Teen Titans for the Marv Wolfman and George Perz era and a few joke versions of themselves. The two groups that didn't make an appearance is the Youtube Teen Titans and the Live-action Teen Titans

The premise of the special is that Trigon is back and he's resurrected Old-school Trigon from the original show and they plan to take over the MULTIVERSE!!! So the Titans travel from the Go Universe to the Original Universe and along the way, as stated they meet-up with different versions of themselves and ultimately the big climactic fight at the end is that they all team up to beat Trigon.

The big epic fight scene at the end isn't as good as the big epic fight scene at the end of the 2018 Go movie but the resolution was a bit more heartfelt. While they do end it on a joke, it's in better taste than the last movie with them.

Spoiler Alert: Weird Al Yankovic makes an appearance as Darkseid, I love it.

If you're a fan of Titans in all its form, you might want to give this a try, but the more I think about this the more I'm just meh about it. Its 7 minutes less than the 2018 movie and it retreads ground that has already been covered and the humor just isn't as good this time around. But that's to be expected- the 2018 movie had an all-star cast from Nicholas Cage to Micheal Bolton and BoJack Horseman was just delightful as Slade. (Will Arnett)

That team was able to elevate Go into something really special. 2019, that all-star-team is gone and without them, Go reverts back to its normal quality.

And as a fan of Go, I do recommend it because it has a ton of easter eggs for movie lovers and of course comic book fans. If you're not a fan of GO then hard pass. It'll only make you crave and miss Old-School Titans more.

FORMAT: DVD/ Blu-Ray/Digital  FROM: Warner Bros RATING: PG RUNNING TIME : 1 HR 16m

IN A NUTSHELL: For fans of Teen Titans Go Only, the Old-School Titans are gone and they ain't never coming back and this special proves it.