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'You're Not A Monster' : IMDB's First Original Animation Launches

One of the advantages in the current boom in new streaming services is that more and more sites are dabbling in animation. IMDb- The Internet Movie Database- doesn't just want to be the place you go to find out who that guy was in that thing you just saw, but also wants to be a place to watch new content. They've been putting out movie-related content for a while, but for their first foray into scripted series, they've decided to start with animation.

You're Not A Monster is an animated comedy about Max Seward a therapist (voiced by Eric Stonestreet) who exclusively deals with supernatural clients. His patients include zombies, mummies, Medusa and the Invisible Man. But of course, Max has issues of his own to deal with- not least his vampire great grandfather (voiced by Kelsey Grammar).

The series is created and directed by Frank Lesser, a newcomer to animation but a comedy veteran whose credits include writing on over 420 episodes of The Colbert Report. Alongside Stonestreet and Grammar, the voice cast also includes Patton Oswalt, Amy Sedaris, Ellie Kemper and Adam Pally.

The series has fun contrasting monster characters and their all-too-relatable issues. There's also some great horror movie gags and general movie references (which makes sense considering who made the show). The episodes run under five minutes each so there's nothing too deep here, but it's definitely entertaining- particularly for monster fans.

The first season will consist of 10 short-form episodes. The first four are available now, via the IMDb site or app or on the new free IMDb TV Streaming Channel. The remaining six episodes will be available from October 17- just in time for Halloween.

Check out the trailer, below.