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A Fantastic Quest Begins In Pixar's New 'Onward' Trailer

Six out of the last ten Pixar movies have been sequels (or prequels). Following this summer's billion-dollar hit Toy Story 4 though, the studio is going to be giving sequels a rest for a while- starting with two new original features coming out next year.

The first of them is Onward, Dan Scanlon's 'suburban fantasy'  set in a fantasy world populated by elves, goblins, unicorns and the like but which has largely left magic behind. We first encountered this world in the first trailer which introduced us to the basic setting and our lead characters, elf brothers Ian and Barley. 

Now that the first full trailer is here, we're beginning to get a handle on the film's story. On the sixteenth birthday of the younger elf brother (Ian, voiced by Tom Holland),  he and Barley (Chris Pratt) are presented with something left to them by their late father. It's a magical staff, and instructions to perform a spell that will allow him to return to life for one day only. Only on attempting the spell, something goes wrong and only part of him returns. With time running short, the brothers set off on a quest to get the rest of their Dad back.

This is looking incredibly promising. It looks like a pretty unique take on fantasy (if we put aside the similarities with the basic set of Full Metal Alchemist aside). We've seen urban fantasy before, but this seems like a distinctly Pixar spin on the idea. Complete with feral unicorns, biker fairies and elves doing aerobics. The characters are some of the most unusual looking in Pixar's filmography, but at least its something different.

Onward arrives in cinemas in the US and UK on March 6, 2020. Check out the trailer below.

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