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Locksmith Animation Sign Multi-Picture Deal with Warner Bros

Of the many issues raised by Disney's multi-billion dollar acquisition of Fox, chief amongst them (for us at least) was the fate of Fox's own animation production outfits. With Disney already the largest producer of animated features, would they want to add further studios to their expanding portfolio? Luckily it seems that (for now at least) Fox-owned Blue Sky Studios are being allowed to continue largely as they were before.

However, Blue Sky weren't Fox's only feature animation investment. They also signed a deal with London-based Locksmith Animation in 2017. The studio was founded in 2014 by Sarah Smith (director of Arthur Christmas) and Julie Lockhart (former Aardman executive), becoming the UK's first studio dedicated to making high-end CG family features. The first film produced under this deal is Ron's Gone Wrong which will now be released by Fox via Disney in November 2020.

It's now been announced that Locksmith has signed a new deal with Warner Bros who will release future films from the studio under the Warner Animation Group banner. This includes the films that were under development at the studio prior to the end of the previous deal "We’re absolutely delighted to become part of the Warner Bros. family with this partnership," Locksmith says of the deal.

The deal will presumably also see their films stream on HBO Max- in the US at least- at some point in the future, boosting the new service's animation offering further.

Although we have yet to see any of the studio's work, their founder's pedigree is impressive. Locksmith should bring something fresh to the CG space, not only because they're British, but also because it's rare for a major animated studio to be founded by two women. We can't wait to see what they come up with!