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PROMARE (REDUX): GKIDS Adds Extra Dates and 4DX Screenings

Studio Trigger's first feature Promare has proved to be one of the big successes this year for GKIDS Films. Back in September, Hiroyuki Imaishi's film played as a Fathom Events screening, ranking in third place in the box-office on its opening day, and going on to take in over $1 million in limited release.

Promare proved so popular that GKIDS announced that is would be returning to cinemas for encore screenings on December 8. Now, however, fan demand has apparently been so high that GKIDS have added another date on December 10, this time with the English language dub. What's more, they have also added 4DX screenings of the film on December 10 and 11.  This will be the first release in the 4DX format, for both GKIDS and Fathom Events.

All Promare (Redux) screenings will also be accompanied by the 10-minute prequel short Side: Galo, showing for the first time in the US.

The subtitled version will screen at 12.55 PM local time on December 8. The dub will screen at 7:00 PM local time on December 10. 4DX screening times will vary by location.

Ticket will be available from December 2, here.