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Web Animation Watch: 'White Walls', 'Phoenix', 'Paladin Jack' and More

Welcome back to Web Animation Watch, our regular featuring the latest and greatest in online animation, whether it's new or just new to us We've got a fantastic line-up for this Black Friday edition of WAW. We hope our American readers have a great holiday weekend! As always, if you've made something you think would be at home here, drop us a line today.

White Walls

Animator David James Armsby aka Dead Sound has featured here before. He's carved out a niche creating creepily atmospheric post-apocalyptic tales with a unique flavour. Here he's turned his hand to something more classical, with a short horror tale inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. This proves to be a winning combination, with Armsby's style a natural fit for such an ominous tale. Support David on Patreon here.

Paladin Jack (Samurai Jack Parody)

Those masters of mash-up Mashed are at it again. This time, with a reimagining of Samurai Jack via his British cousin- Paladin Jack is a knight, and his nemesis is a Scottish Wizard called Ochoo.  The animation, tone and execution of this is just perfect. One of Mashed's best releases so far.

Daddy | Coldplay

Aardman Animation made this gorgeous video to accompany the latest track from Coldplay. Using a mix of styles- stop-motion, 2D and puppetry, director Åsa Lucander has created a dream-like, visually stunning film. A mini-masterpiece.

The Meaning Of What | Episode One

A girl named Bunny and her robot companion M80 ("Matey") set off on an adventure, in this enjoyable comedy spin on classic fantasy quests. What it lacks in polish, it makes up for in heart, with the love and care put into this shining through. A fun script and visual style and some great ideas mean this has lots of potential- we're looking forward to seeing where this goes next.

Phoenix | League Of Legends

We're consistently impressed with the quality of the animated promos produced for Riot Games's smash hit video game League Of Legends. This (mostly) animated music video, produced as part of the game's recent 10th year celebration depicts a battle in a bold original style, bringing a painted look to the CG visuals.