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Web Animation Watch: Overwatch 2, Royal Madness, Poppies and More

Welcome back to Web Animation Watch, our regular featuring the latest and greatest in online animation. We've got another great, varied line-up of stuff again this week. As always, if you've made something you think would be at home here, drop us a line today!

Overwatch 2 | Zero Hour

Blizzard's hit video game Overwatch was promoted through a number of wonderful animated shorts, that have appeared time and again on Web Animation Watch. So it's only fitting that Overwatch 2 should be announced with a brand new short. It's another highly accomplished piece of work, with fan faves Winston, Tracer and Mei trying to fend off an alien invasion in Paris. Once again, you don't have to have played the game, or even have any interest in doing so, to enjoy this as a standalone work.

Royal Madness

A Warrior King struggles to find meaning in his life after he has vanquished his enemies in this latest short from Gobelins. In a modest running time it none-the-less manages to employ a variety of techniques and animation styles to produce a visual feast.  Directed by Eunbyeol Ko, Milàn Salmona, Mriganka Bhuyan, Romain Couderette, Sean Lewis, and Wenkai Wang.

Rhubarb King

Do you like Rhubarb? Then go see the Rhubarb King! There's an enjoyably Rick and Morty or Adventure Time flavour to this new micro-short from Jester's Animation (producers of Next Stop)

John Wick The Hedgehog

"What would happen if John Wick was remade with the cast of Sonic The Hedgehog?" is a question that nobody of sound mind has ever asked themselves. Luckily, the crew at AOK have answered it anyway! "They took my Emeralds and killed my fox.... I'm thinking I'm back!"


This beautiful animation was originally commissioned by the BBC to mark 100 years since to outbreak of World War One (in 2014), and has been aired on the BBC's children's channels during the traditional two-minute silence held every year on Remembrance Sunday and Remembrance Day (November 11). This year is the first time it has been released online so that viewers without access to the BBC or iPlayer can watch it. For more on the film see here.