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What Will Disney Plus Offer Animation Fans?

As the streaming wars prepare to go nuclear, Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are about to get a whole lot more competition. With so many new services competing for your hard earned cash, we're bringing you a series of articles that will look at each service's offerings from an animation fan's perspective. First, we took a look at Apple. Next up is Disney Plus ( or Disney+).

Disney+ will launch in the United States on November 12, for $6.99 a month (with a 7 day free trial) or $69.99 a year. It will also be available as part of a $12.99 bundle deal with Hulu. The service will also launch simultaneously in Canada and The Netherlands, and in Australia and New Zealand on November 19. The UK and Ireland release is confirmed for March 31, 2020, and it's planned to roll out in other markets within two years. At launch, it will be available via web browser, Apple and Android devices, Chromecast, Roku, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Other apps can be expected to follow. But what about that all-important content?

Please note that due to licensing issues, not all content will be available at launch and availability may vary by region.


Disney+ will eventually have the full library of Walt Disney's animated features from Snow White onwards, as well as their straight-to-video sequels and spin-offs. Additionally, the service will host Disney TV Animation series from ABC, Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD. These include favourites past and present- from Disney Afternoon favourites such as the original DuckTales, Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck and Gargoyles to modern classics such as Gravity Falls, DuckTales (2017) and Big Hero 6: The series. Shorts and TV specials new and old will also be included, such as the new Mickey Mouse shorts and Mickey's Christmas Carol. Shorts from WDAS's experimental program Short Circuit will be available from 2020.


All existing and future Pixar features will have a home on Disney+, as will their library of shorts and specials. The new Sparkshorts films (which give new voices within the studio the chance to tell stories) will also be available. Original spin-off series Monsters At Work and Forky Asks A Question will also be exclusive to the service (the first series based on Pixar properties since Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command).


The big story for Fox Animation is that every episode of The Simpsons will be available to stream at launch. The rest of the Fox catalogue is a bit unclear at this point (less family-friendly stuff such as Family Guy is likely to stay at Hulu) but expect at the very least Blue Sky's features and shorts to join in due course.


Numerous animated series based on Marvel characters will be available, including the classic 90's X-Men series and various Avengers and Spider-Man series. What If...the first animated series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is also coming, but is still a couple of years away.


Existing Star Wars animated series The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels and Resistance will all be available, as will the various LEGO Star Wars shorts.  The new (final) season of The Clone Wars will also be exclusive to Disney+ when it launches.

And More...

Disney+ will also feature documentaries such as Waking Sleeping Beauty and The Pixar Story, as well as various making-of videos and special features relating to their animated films and series. Disney will also be heavily investing in original films and series for the service, some of which will be animated.

In Conclusion

So there we have it. What will Disney+ offer animation fans? In short, a heck of a lot- and that's just to start with. If you're also a fan of Star Wars and Marvel, then it starts to look like a bit of a no-brainer. The fracturing of the streaming market is potentially something that's not great for the consumer (or their wallet), but Disney at least has a pretty strong argument for why you should subscribe. The other streaming providers are going to have to go some way to compete with this.