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Sony Pictures Animation Reveals 'Connected' Details, First Look Images

Sony Pictures Animation have had quite the glow up, as the kids say. In a few short years, the studio that once brought us The Emoji Movie and Open Season has become the studio of Spider-Verse. Today they have arguably the most exciting slate of any mainstream studio- including expansions in TV and adult animation.

Next up from the studio is Connected, the movie previously announced as The Mitchells Vs The Machines. The film is the feature debut of Gravity Falls writer Mike Rianda, with fellow Gravity Falls veteran Jeff Rowe credited as co-director. Rianda and Rowe also penned the screenplay, and Phil Lord and Chris Miller are on board as producers.

It's been a while since we heard anything, but more details and a pair of first-look images have now finally been released (via Entertainment Weekly).

The film will centre on the Mitchell family- an average Amerian family.  Daughter Katie (voiced by Disenchantment star Abi Jacobson) has been accepted into her dream College. Much to Katie's dismay, dad Rick decides that delivering her to college would be the perfect excuse for a family roadtrip. He hopes this will lead to family bonding- and maybe even putting down their screens for a day or two. So Rick (Danny McBride), Katie, mum Linda (Maya Rudolph) little brother Aaron (Rianda himself) and family pooch Monchi pack in the family car. They soon find their family trip is derailed by the Robot Apocalypse, as phones, household appliances and other technology turns on their human masters.

It sounds like a really smart premise. The family dynamic should be relatable to audiences everywhere- and the idea of people glued to their devices makes it very contemporary. The addition of the Robot Uprising is just icing on the cake.

The cast will also feature Eric Andre as inventor Mark Bowman, and the fabulous Olivia Colman voicing the film's Siri/Alexa equivalent PAL.

The film will reportedly use a blend of techniques- with the human world given a "messier more hand-drawn" style, while the robots will have a CGI shine. We're really looking forward to a trailer, so we can see this in action!

Connected is due to arrive in the US cinemas September 18, with the UK release set for October 8. Check out the images below (click for full size).

Images courtesy Sony Pictures Animation/EW