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A Message From The Editor-In-Chief

Hello everyone.

I'm sure I don't need to tell you that we are all living through one of the most challenging times of our lives. Firstly, we here at AFA hope that all our readers and their loved ones are keeping safe and healthy and that anybody who gets sick has a swift recovery.

The entertainment world has been affected as much as any other by the pandemic, and animation is no exception. All major cinema releases for the foreseeable future are up in the air and events are postponed or cancelled. Production on many animated projects will be able to continue though, as artists are often able to work from home. Still, big delays are possible.

We will be here with you though. News is likely to be slowing right down, but we won't. We plan on upping the level of reviews, articles and features, so you'll have plenty to keep you occupied if you're in lockdown. Features such as Web Animation Watch can be expected to be more regular.

Our podcast is recorded remotely anyway, so production of that should be unaffected. If anything, team members will have more time to record. And if you're an animation industry person at a loose end, who would like to come on the show... let us know!

We know that independent animators/ animation workers and freelancers will struggle particularly. If we can help signal boost your work or project, either on the site or via social media, we would like to do whatever we can. Please get in touch

Lastly, independent writers can also use your help, and that includes us. If you are able, now would be a great time to become a Patron, or make a donation via Ko-Fi or Paypal. If not, every share, retweet, like, subscription or review also help a great deal.

Together we'll get through this. And as one of our great philosophers said...

Just keep swimming.

-Chris Perkins, Editor In Chief, on behalf of Team AFA