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Loren Bouchard's 'Central Park' Gets A Trailer And May Release Date

Tech giant Apple's streaming offering Apple TV+ has so far been light on animated content. To be fair, it's been pretty light on content full stop.  The sole animated offering available so far is kid's show Snoopy In Space, but next up is their first adult/general audience animated series, Central Park.

The show is created by Loren Bouchard co-creator of Bob's Burgers and Home Movies, actor Josh Gadd and Nora Smith (writer, executive producer and story editor on Bob's Burgers). It was due to have a launch event at this month's South By South West, but in light of the festival's cancellation, the trailer has been released online instead.

The series centres on a family of caretakers, who look after the titular New York park. Over the course of its run, Bob's Burgers became increasingly musical, almost by stealth. This time, Bouchard and Smith are creating a musical comedy from the outset. Gadd (who also voices one of the main characters) has a background in musical film and theatre, as do co-stars Kristen Bell, Titus Burgess and Daveed Diggs.

Visually, the similarity with their earlier series is obvious, albeit with more polish, presumably thanks to a higher budget thanks to Apple's seeming endless coffers. It also features prominently a female character voiced by a male actor- in this case, Stanley Tucci, clearly having a whale of a time, as the apparent antagonist.

There has been some controversy of the casting of Bell as a mixed-race character. However, considering the fact that African American Daveed Diggs is playing a white woman, it gives credence to the idea that they have cast whoever they think is right for the part.

The humour of the series seems very much in the same vein as Bob's Burgers, complete with cheeky gags (that will go over younger viewer's heads) and precocious kids.  If you're a fan of Bouchard's earlier show- there's a good chance you're going to love this. Unless you really don't like musicals. 

Central Park will be available on Apple TV+ from May 29. Check out the trailer, below.