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New Animated Series 'Mulligan' Announced From Tina Fey and Robert Carlock

Netflix's entry as a major player in animation has had many interesting effects. One of these has been that many major players known for work outside animation have been making their first animation projects for the streaming service. Famous faces like Taika Waititi, Bill Burr, Nick Kroll and more have already found their way into animation. Two new major names have recently joined this growing list.

The team behind Netflix comedy hit The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt are moving into animation. Executive producer Tina Fey and creators Robert Carlock and Sam Means are producing animated comedy Mulligan.

Fey is a comedy icon both on and off-screen so needs no introduction. Carlock and Means don't have the same household name status but both have quite the pedigree. Between them, they have written for shows such as 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show and Friends. It seems they certainly have the chops to create something pretty special.

As you may know, "take a mulligan" is a common American expression meaning to take a second shot at something. In this case, it's the entirety of the (remaining) human race taking a mulligan. Following an alien attack that destroys the Earth, the remaining humans get the chance to start over from scratch. "But can we get it right this time? And does anyone know how to, like, farm?"

It sounds like a comedy take on the post-apocalyptic genre. The pitch tends to suggest it will be focussed on more everyday concerns than Rick and Morty style sci-fi madness, but who knows? We're definitely keen to hear more.

Netflix has ordered 20 episodes of the series (expect them to be delivered in two 10 episode parts), which is being produced by Universal Television in association with  Little Stranger, Inc., Bevel Gears, and 3 Arts Entertainment. The animation is being produced by Bento Box Entertainment. 

No release window has been revealed at this time.

[source: Netflix]