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Out This Week: 'One Piece: Stampede', 'Attack On Titan'. 'Doctor Who' and More

This week the new releases in the United States and United Kingdom have a bit more crossover than usual. DC's latest animated movie Superman: Red Son-which reimagines the man of steel's origins if he landed in communist Russia- is released in both countries. There's also a release of popular anime pirate saga One Piece on both sides of the pond- the US gets the latest movie Stampede, while the UK gets the latest volume in the TV series. Elsewhere, highlights include the high-definition debut of Tom and Jerry's classic theatrical shorts and the release of a sixties Doctor Who series thought lost that has its missing parts recreated in animation.

Click the links below to order via Amazon (affiliate links used where possible). All information provided is correct at the time of writing to the best of our knowledge and is subject to change.

Titles marked with * are re-releases. LE= Limited Edition

UK DVD and Blu-Ray Releases For March  16, 2020

Doctor Who: The Faceless Ones (BBC, PG) A partially lost Doctor Who classic serial from the 1960s is restored through animation.
FORMATS: Blu-Ray, DVD, Blu-Ray LE

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counter Attack (Anime Limited, PG) Classic sci-fi anime. Read our review.

One Piece Collection 21 (Manga Entertainment, 12) Swashbuckling anime action. Our review.

Superman: Red Son (Warner Bros, 15) What if Superman was raised in the USSR?
FORMATS: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital,  Blu-Ray LE

US DVD and Blu-Ray Releases For March 17, 2020

Aquarion Logos: Season 3* (Funimation, TV-14) Giant robot anime.
FORMATS: Blu-Ray+ Digital

Attack On Titan: Season 3 Part 2 (Funimation, TV-MA)  The intense anime fantasy thriller continues.
FORMATS: Blu-Ray+DVD+ Digital,  Blu-Ray LE

One Piece: Stampede (Funimation) The pirate anime franchise's latest big-screen outing.
FORMATS: Blu-Ray+DVD+Digital

Superman: Red Son (Warner Bros, PG-13) What if Superman was raised in the USSR?
FORMATS: Blu-Ray+DVD+Digital, 4K, Digital

Tales Of The Abyss: The Complete Series* (Funimation, TV-14) Anime fantasy inspired by the video game series.
FORMATS: Blu-Ray+Digital

Tom & Jerry: Golden Collection, Volume 1 (Warner Bros) Classic cat and mouse shorts.