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All The Animated Movie Release Date Changes So Far [Updated]

With the majority of cinemas across the globe shuttered, and no indication of when they may be opening again, movie studios and distributors have been scrambling to react. They have been pretty slow to pull releases in many cases, in the hope that this all might somehow have cleared itself up before long. But since it's been clear that this is going to continue into Hollywood's all-important summer season, the vast majority of big films have been delayed, some by as much as a year. We've been trying to go easy on the pandemic-related posts, as frankly there's enough of it around us all every day, without it spilling over into your animation news. So we're compiling a list of the updated release information for 2020's animated features- and we will update the article as things develop.

The first major animated release to have its release scheduled during the lockdown was DreamWorks Animation's sequel Trolls World Tour. Universal took the ground-breaking decision to release the film as a premium-priced digital rental on what would have been the theatrical release date. Pixar's Onward, which was on release when the cinemas closed has been given an early digital release (and gone to Disney+ in the US). Don't expect other (major) releases to follow suit though. Most studio animated features will have a budget north of $100 million so there's little chance that the distributors are willing to take a bath on those (Trolls World Tour had a relatively low $90 million budget).

This is likely to have an impact for quite some time. Not only because people can't get to cinemas, but also because the production of films has also had to shut down in many cases. Many animated films are finished very close to their release date. Even though animators can work from home more easily than many other sectors of the entertainment industry, it's going to be causing delays for the next couple of years at least.

All information subject to change. Dates available are for the US, international release dates will vary.

*UPDATED May 15*

Delayed: New Date Announced

The following films have been moved to a new release date.

SCOOB! (Warner Bros) Moved to VOD, May 15

The Spongebob Movie: Sponge On The Run (Paramount) Moved from May 22 to August 7.

Soul (Disney) Moved from June 19 to November 20

Minions 2:The Rise Of Gru (Universal) Moved to  July 2, 2021

Bob's Burgers The Movie (Disney) Moved from July 3 to April 9, 2021

Connected (Sony)   US Release moved from September 8 to October 23

Raya: The Last Dragon (Disney) Moved from November 25 to March 12, 2021

Sing 2 (Universal ) Moved from July 2, 2021 to  December 22, 2021

Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse 2 (Sony) Moved from Apil 2022 to October 7, 2022

Delayed: New Date To Be Announced

The following films have been pulled from the schedule with no new date announced yet.

Steven Universe The Movie [Fathom Events]  Originally March 23

Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna [Fathom Events] Originally March 25

PROMARE Complete (GKIDS Films) [Fathom Events] Originally April 7

Children Of The Sea (GKIDS Films) [Fathom Events] Originally April 20/22

Children Of The Sea (GKIDS Films) [Limited Release] Originally April 24

Fate/Stay Night- Heaven's Feel i. Presage Flower  [Fathom Events] Originally April 23

Fate/Stay Night- Heaven's Feel ii. Lost Butterfly [Fathom Events] Originally April 23

Fate/Stay Night- Heaven's Feel iii. Spring Song  [Fathom Events]  Originally May 7