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Newsburst: Robin Hood, 'Soul' Delayed, The Willoughbys, Midnight Gospel and More

We took a short break for the Easter holiday but we're back with another Newsburst, bringing you the latest happenings in the animation world! This time: more delays, trailers and more...

Next up for Disney's remake rampage is 1973's anthropomorphized Robin Hood. As the original is not one of the House Of Mouse's highest-profile classics, the adaptation won't release in cinemas and is instead headed for Disney Plus. The film retells the classic English legend with talking animals- Robin and Maid Marian are foxes, Prince John is a cowardly lion and so on. Despite it being reported by much of the media is another 'live-action' remake, expect this to be as live-action as The Lion King (ie, not at all).  

After moving around all their live-action film dates a week or so again, Disney has finally announced that (as widely anticipated) Pixar's Soul has been delayed from its original June release date due to the ongoing crisis. Pete Docter's film will now open on November 20 (in the US, other dates to be confirmed) assuming cinemas are open again by then.  As a result, Walt Disney Animation Studios' next feature Raya and The Last Dragon has been pushed from its original Thanksgiving release to March 12 of next year. Check out our full list of all the release dates changes here.

Netflix have released an official clip from their upcoming animated feature, The Willoughbys, introducing the four Willoughby siblings and featuring the voices of Will Forte, Alessia Cara and Ricky Gervais. The film will come to Netflix on April 22.

The streamer has also debuted a full trailer for the upcoming adult animated series The Midnight Gospel, co-created by Adventure Time's Pendelton Ward. It's so trippy and full of bizarre imagery that it makes Adventure Time look positively prosaic in comparison. But you'll be none the wiser about what exactly it's about by the time it ends... but we suspect that that's kind of the point. Find out for yourself when it comes to Netflix on April 20.

Universal Pictures have announced that Trolls World Tour had the biggest digital debut ever when it launched in the US this past Easter weekend. The studio has yet to announce any specific numbers, but says it also had the biggest launch day and weekend for a digital title. If so, it looks like the studio's gamble may have paid off- despite premium pricing- and this could potentially change the industry forever. Trolls World Tour is available to rent from all major digital platforms, now.