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The AFA Podcast 139: Lockdown Lounge

Hey there animation lovers! This week on The AFA Podcast, things are a bit different. With your hosts Rachael, Dan and Chris in self-isolation mode, we thought it was the right time for a less structured episode. So this week's episode is a loose-form discussion that's part Watercooler, part therapy session, with only the lightest of editing. We bounce around a lot, but as well as discussing the current situation (in terms of how it's affecting animation and our viewing habits- nothing too bleak) we cover Disney Plus, DuckTales, (woo-woo) Farmageddon, Beastars, Attack On Titan Season 3, Promare and a whole lot more. Contains some strong language.

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The Team: 

• Rachael Ward @fail2ninja  
• Chris Perkins @misterchristor 
• Dan Hamman @hammoo  


The Willoughbys Trailer


Land Of The Lustrous Opening