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Animaniacs Bound On To Hulu This November

Two years ago, it was announced that the classic 90's cartoon Animaniacs would be revived on Hulu in 2020. News of the new series has been incredibly thin on the ground, leaving fans to wonder if it would make the projected date. And the way that 2020 has been going, we wouldn't have been at all surprised if it was delayed.

Happily, it has been confirmed this is not the case. Hulu has announced that the Animany, totally insaney reboot will bounce onto subscribers' screens from November 20. The first season will consist of 13 episodes, with an additional 13 episodes confirmed for release during 2021.

The series will once again feature The Warner brothers, Wakko and Yakko, and the Warner sister Dot, as well as fan favourites Pinky and The Brain. Original cast members Rob Paulson, Jess Harnell, Tress MacNeille, Maurice LaMarche and Sherri Stoner are confirmed to return, alongside a slew of today's talents, including Trey Parker and Terry Crews. Those are the facts.

Steven Spielberg returns as executive producer that is produced by his Amblin Entertainment with Warner Bros Animation. The greenlighting of the project preceded major changes in the entertainment industry that saw Disney fully acquiring Hulu following their purchase of Fox, and Warner Media launch its own streaming service HBO Max. This does put the series' future beyond the two series from the initial order in question. Will Hulu want a series that has main characters which are essentially promotion for a rival studio (at least in name)? The answer is probably- if its a big success, yes.

There's no word yet for international release for the series. Hulu currently operates only in the US and Japan, although has plans for further expansion. Previous series made for Hulu have ended up on various broadcasters in the UK such as Channel 4, Amazon and Sky, so it could feasibly end up anywhere.

For fans in the United States at least, there's not too long to wait to see how well the series adapts to the twenty-first century. Hopefully, we'll see more details and even a trailer before too long, so watch this space.