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Don Hertzfeld Teases 'World Of Tomorrow Episode Three'

Don Hertzfeld is a genuine icon of indie animation. His shorts and features, with their distinctive visual style and often existential themes, could never be mistaken for the output of a mainstream studio. Produced almost single-handedly, they have earned him a legion of devoted fans as well as critical acclaim and multiple awards and nominations including two Academy Award nominations. He even got to make a couch gag for The Simpsons.

Among his most successful works are The World Of Tomorrow (2015) and The World Of Tomorrow Episode Two: The Burden Of Other People's Thoughts (2017) The first won two awards from both the Annecy and Ottowa International Animation Festivals as well as an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Short. This month Hertzfeld has revealed a third episode is coming soon.

The World Of Tomorrow Episode Three: The Absent Destinations Of David Prime was revealed in the form of a teaser trailer.  The release date is listed as "coming soon", so we don't quite know when to expect it. However, we would note that Hertzfeld doesn't usually announce things too far in advance, and the previous part was released the same year it was announced. So we definitely wouldn't count a 2020 release out.

At just 40 seconds (and that includes the title reveal) there's very little to go on. The voice saying "I have searched through time for you" sounds like the voice of (a) future Emily, as voiced by Winona Mae in the previous two shorts. The person she was searching for, we would guess is the David Prime of the title. But who is he? And how does he relate to any of the Emilys? We can't wait to find out!

Check out the teaser below. Visit Bitter Films for more of Hertzfeld's work.

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