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Watch This: The Unaired 'Avatar The Last Airbender' Pilot

Avatar: The Last Airbender is generally considered to be one of the best American animated series of all time. Although it began 15 years ago, it has found itself very much in the spotlight again, as its availability on Netflix in the US has allowed a whole new audience to discover it for the first time, and for others to revisit it and its sequel series The Legend Of Kora.

Last weekend Nickelodeon streamed a special program on the series titled Avatar Origins via Twitch. As part of the stream, it featured the original unaired pilot for the series. Although included in some DVD sets as a bonus feature and released digitally, the pilot was never aired on TV.

Fans of the series will be able to notice several key changes that would be made between the pilot and the finished series, including character names. Also, characters and events that would not be introduced into the show until later are also included, as the pilot is intended to sell the show as a whole to the network (not just the opening episode).

Also unsurprisingly, the animation is lower-budget than the finished series, and stand-ins are used for voice actors. Otherwise, though, it's easy to see it would have sold the network on the show's potential. You can watch the whole one hour 15 minute special on Nick's Twitch channel, or watch the pilot below.