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Akira 4K, Paranoia Agent, The Rose Of Versailles and More

Western anime distributors have been going on a bit of an announcement frenzy lately, revealing new licenses and details for previously announced titles.

Veteran UK distributor Manga Entertainment (Manga UK) was launched on the success of Akira in the early nineties. Since then Katsuhiro Otomo's 1988 classic has been re-released multiple times on virtually every home video format going. It's no surprise that they've picked up the brand new 4K restoration They've first announced plans to screen the film across the UK & Ireland on up to 300 screens, including select IMAX locations. Understandably, an exact date is still to be announced.

We could safely assume that the theatrical run will precede a home release on 4K UHD Blu-Ray, and across the pond, Funimation (Manga UK's new-ish owner) has announced that in their latest list of solicitations for the US.  Akira will launch on 4K in a limited edition release containing a 40-page booklet on December 22.

Funimation have also acquired the rights to Kyoto Animation's series Violet Evergarden,  previously available outside Japan as a Netflix Original. There's no release date yet, but the show will be released as a Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital combo in standard and Limited Edition. The LE comes in a rigid artbox and contains a 200-page artbook, sticker sheet and artcards.  Movie spin-off Violet Evergarden I: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll will be released as a standard combo-pack December 1.

Satoshi Kon's only TV series Paranoia Agent had been out of print in the US for ages and was unavailable until Funimation started streaming it earlier this year.  They have now announced the series' first English language Blu-Ray release, with a complete series release on Blu-Ray and Digital combo, in standard or Limited Edition Steelbook packaging. The series releases December 15.

 Funimation also announced:

• Dr. Stone Season One Part Two- Standard and LE (Blu-Ray+DVD+Digital) December 1
• Angels Of Death: Complete Series [Funimation Essentials] (Blu-Ray+Digital) December 1
• Double Decker! Doug & Kirill [Funimation Essentials] (Blu-Ray+Digital) December 1
• Black Clover: Complete Season 2 (Blu-Ray+ Digital) December 8
• Ace Attorney Complete Season 2 (Blu-Ray + Digital) December 15
• Dragon Ball Z 4:3 Steelbook: Seasons 4 & 5 (Blu-Ray) both December 15
• Fairy Tail Final Season Part 25 (Blu-Ray+DVD+Digital)  December 22
• Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory Complete Series (Blu-Ray+Digital) December 29
• Case File nÂș221: Kabukicho – Season One Part One (Blu-Ray + Digital) December 29

 Fellow distributor Discotek Media tends to serve a slightly different demographic than Funi, with their anime licenses tending (although not exclusively) to the older or more obscure side of things. Discotek's fanbase are surely applauding their biggest new announcement, the classic 70's shojo romance saga The Rose Of Versailles. The hugely influential series, set in pre-revolutionary France follows the fictionalised exploits of Marie Antoinette and the commander of her Royal Guard Oscar- who is in reality a young woman raised as a man by her General father who desperately wanted a son. The HD remaster of the 1979-80 series will be released in two volumes in Early 2021.

Discotek also added to their growing catalog of Lupin III titles, with TV special Toyko Crisis and TV series The Woman Called Fujiko Mine (originally released by Funimation). They will also continue with their Case Closed (Detective Conan) releases, with movie The Crimson Love Letter.

Discotek also announced:

• Devilman Lady (Early 2021)
• Konosuba Season 2 (2021)
• Symphogear G (October 27)
• Submarine Super 99 (2021)
• Ninja Sensei Tobikage [Ninja Robot] (TBA)
• Project A-Ko Remaster (TBA)
• Genocyber OVA (TBA)
• The Legend Of Black Heaven (2020/2021)
• Battle Athletes (2020)
• Hajime no Ippo (2021)  
Gin Rei OVA (2020/2021)      

The Woman Called Fujiko Mine

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