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New Trailers: Ainbo: Spirit Of The Amazon, Boss Baby 2 and More

These days we're seeing new trailer releases- teasers, full trailers, sneak peeks and more- all the time. It can be hard to keep up. So every now and then we like to round up the latest animation trailers you might have missed. Ain't we nice?

Ainbo Spirit of The Amazon

The first English language trailer is here for this CG Dutch-Peruvian feature from directors Jose Zelada and Richard Claus. Looking like a cross between Ferngully, Princess Mononoke and Moana, it features the titular heroine, who was raised in the rainforest, fighting to save the Amazon from both human and supernatural forces.

Batman: Soul Of The Dragon

Batman The Animated Series producer Bruce Timm takes the Dark Knight in a fun new direction in this DC Universe 'Elseworld's movie'. Moving action back to the 70's, this version of Bats is trained in martial arts by a master sensei. Along with a team of Kung-fu experts including a Bruce Lee alike film star, they take on the bad guys. Director Sam Liu gives this a gloriously retro old-school kung-fu movie vibe. Coming to Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital from Warner Bros in January 2021.

The Boss Baby: Family Business


DreamWorks Animation's sequel to their 2017 hit sees now-adult versions of brothers Tim and Ted Templeton surprised to discover that Tim's baby daughter Tina is "in the Family business" and can talk (voiced by Amy Sedaris). Tina uses a new Baby Corp technology to turn Tim and Teddy back into the infant selves to help foil a plot by an evil scientist (voiced by the peerless Jeff Goldblum) to turn the world's babies bad. Due for release in March 2021

Angela's Christmas Wish

This Christmas special from Ireland's Brown Bag Films is a sequel to last year's Angela's Christmas. Inspired by Frank McCourt's worldwide bestseller Angela's Ashes, it focuses on a fictionalised version or McCourts mother's childhood in 1910's Ireland. In the second special Angela tries to reunite her family in time for Christmas. The special streams on Netflix from December 1