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Now Streaming: Blood Of Zeus, Mickey Mouse, The LIberator, Sponge On The Run and More


You will not be surprised to learn that this month's additions to the major streaming services include a lot of festive-themed offerings. After this year, many people will be happy to get into the Christmas spirit. Elsewhere, there are some interesting new originals from Netflix this month, as Powerhouse Animation follow up Castlevania with new Greek set series  The Blood Of Zeus, and World War II drama gets a rotoscoped make-over in the intriguing The Liberator.  Nickelodeon's SpongeBob The Movie: Sponge On The Run launched as an Original on Netflix everywhere outside the US and Canada.

Disney Plus also debuts a couple of new original series, with the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special and new Mickey Mouse shorts The Wonderful World Of Mickey Mouse kick off on Mickey's birthday!

Note: Some new additions may already be available in other regions, and includes renewals  All information correct to the best of our knowledge but subject to change. Titles listed are available in the US and UK Unless otherwise stated. Other regions will vary.

New On Netflix

Subscription required. Titles are available in all regions if no region is specified.

A Christmas Special: Miraculous- Tales Of Ladybug Christmas special. [UK]
Bakugan: Armored Alliance Toy-based kids anime [US ]
Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: Go Team Roberts [New Episodes] Toy adventures. [UK]
Beyblade Burst Rise Spinning toy based kid's anime [US]
Blood Of Zeus Greek mythology-inspired adult animation.
Boss Baby: Back In Business [Season 4] DreamWorks movie spin-off.
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 Comedy sequel. [US]
Elf Pets: A Fox Cub's Christmas Tale Festive fun. [US]
Elf Pets: Santa's Reindeer Rescue Holiday special [US]
Elliot the Littlest Reindeer Christmas feature. [US]
Fukrey Boyzzz: Space Mein Fukrapanti Indian animation.
The Garfield Show [New episodes] The grumpy lasagne eating cat is back [US]
Giant Jack (Trash Truck) Preschool animation.
Happy Feet Two Dancing penguin sequel. [UK]
Kid-e-Cats Feline fun.
LEGO Jurassic World: Legend Of Isla Nublar Plastic Prehistoric park adventures.
LEGO Jurassic World: Secret Exhibit Dino chaos.
LEGO Ninjago  Mini Martial arts action. [US, UK
LEGO Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitzu Spin-off.
LEGO City Adventures  Urban adventures.
The Liberator Rotoscoped war-time drama.
Masameer Classic [Season 3] Saudi adult animation.
Polly Pocket [New Episodes] Toy inspired miniature adventures. [US]
Rango Oscar-winning western animation. [UK]
Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse Oscar-winning, game-changing superhero animation [UK]
Spongebob Squarepants The Movie First underwater big-screen adventure. [UK]
The Spongebob Movie: Sponge On The Run CGI aquatic feature. [Available outside the US and Canada]
Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy [NEW EPISODES] Robots in disguise. [UK]


New On Amazon Prime 

Subscription required.


A Pink Christmas Festive big feline adventure. [US] 
A Stork's Journey Featured family feature. [UK]
A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventure Undersea adventure. [US] 
Alf: Animated Adventures Alien '80s sitcom spin-off antics. [US]
Alf Tales Spin-off (from the spin-off). [US]
All Creatures Big and Small Animal adventures. [US] 
Animal Farm 1954 adaptation of Goerge Orwell classic. [UK]
Bananas In Pyjamas Preschool animation.
Barefoot Gen Hiroshima anime drama. [US]
Barefoot Gen 2 Anti-war sequel. [US]
Bee Movie What's the deal with all this honey? [UK]
Beetle Bailey Military comedy. [UK]
Capture The Flag Space adventure. [US]
The Cat in the Hat: Knows A Lot About Christmas Dr Seuss special. [UK]
Christopher The Christmas Tree Holiday special.
City Hunter: Shinkiju Private Eyes Old school anime. [US] 
Coconut The Little Dragon Children's fantasy. [US]
Curious George Cheeky monkey. [UK] 
Dan Vs. Animated comedy. [UK]
Dhira Hindi animation.
Fireman Sam [New episodes] Adventures in Pontypandy. [UK]
Ghost Stories Cult anime
Guardians Of Oz Fairytale fantasy. [US] 
Halloween Island Spooky adventure. [UK]
Help! I'm a Fish European underwater adventure. [UK}
The House Of Magic Family supernatural feature. [UK]
How To Train Your Dragon DreamWorks fantasy classic. [UK]
Ivan The Incredible European Family feature. [US]
Jurassic Bark Animal antics. [US]
Justin and The Knights Of Valour Medievil fun. [UK]
Kung Fu Panda Po returns for more action. [UK]
Legend Of The Candy Cane Festive yarn. [US]
LEGO Marvel Spider-Man: Vexed by Venom Superhero antics. [UK]
LEGO Ninjago [NEW EPISODES]  Mini Martial arts action. [UK]
LEGO Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitzu [NEW EPISODES] Spin-off. [UK]
Magic Knight Rayearth Magical girl anime. [US] 
Megamind Supervillain comedy. [UK]
Miniscule: Valley Of The Lost Ants Miniature French animation. [US]
The Missing Lynx  Animal adventure. [US]
Molang [Series 3] Animal antics. [US]
Monsters Vs Aliens Dreamworks animation. [US]
Mr Bean [Season 3] Slapstick comedy. [US]
Mummy I'm A Zombie Supernatural kids' adventure. [US] 
My Little Pony Freindship Is Magic [Season 8] Equine hijinx. [UK] 
The Nutcracker Sweet Children's Christmas tale. [UK]
Origin: A Call To Minds Sci-fi feature. [US, UK] 
The Overcoat Festive fable. [UK]
Pondemonium 2 Sequel. [US]
Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown Peanuts animation. [US]
Saving Santa Christmas adventure. [UK]
She Chinese stop-motion feature. [US]
Shrek Somebody Once told me, the world was gonna roll me. [UK]
Shrek 2 Fairytale comedy sequel. [UK]
Shrek The Third Return to Far Far Away. [UK]
Shrek Forever After They think it's all ogre. It is now. [UK}
Sid The Science Kid Edutainment. [US]
Small Foot Abominable snowman adventures from Warner Bros. [UK]
Snow White's New Adventure Fairytale adventure. [UK]
The Snow Queen The Magic Of The Ice Mirror Russian fairytale sequel. [US]
Space Jam Michael Jordon meets the Looney Tunes. [UK]
Tad: The Lost Explorer Spanish Indiana Jones inspired animated feature. [US]
Tetsujin 28: Morning Moon of Midday Giant Robot anime feature.
Toys In The Attic Stop-motion family feature. [UK}
Un Gallo Con Muchos Huevos Spanish language farmyard feature. [US]
Yu-Gi-Oh! Card fighting action. [UK]
Zak Storm Action adventures. [UK]


Subscription required. Not all titles will be available in all regions.
A Christmas Carol Motion capture Charles Dicken adaptation [New to US]
Goldie and Bear Preschool animation. [New to US]
LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special Irreverant Sci-fi comedy
Once Upon A Snowman Frozen Olaf short.
Prep and Landing. Festive special [New to US]
Prep and Landing: Naughty and Nice Sequel [New to US]
The Wonderful World Of Mickey Mouse [New Series] New Mickey Shorts coming weekly.

New to HBO Max 

Subscription required, US only.
A Flinstone Family Christmas Christmas comes to Bedrock. Somehow. 
A Flinstone Christmas  A B.C. Christmas.
Food Wars [Season Five] Cooking up some anime action.
The God Of High School (NEW EPISODES) Anime action.
Ice Age 4: Continental Drift Seafairing sequel.
The LEGO Movie Everything is awesome.
The LEGO Batman Movie Darkness. No parents.
LEGO Ninjago Action comedy. 
Looney Tunes: Back In Action The Looney Tunes meet Brendan Fraser.
Re: Zero Starting Life In Another World (New Episodes) Anime fantasy.
Rick and Morty [Season Four] Anarchic sci-fi comedy. 
The Smurfs Holiday Celebration Christmas special.
Tweety's High-Flying Adventure Smug canary. 
Yogi's First Christmas Christmas comes to Jellystone.
Young Justice DC Comic superhero action.


Content May Vary By Region. 

New Episodes


Black Clover Anime fantasy action.
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Ninja action. 
Case Closed Mystery drama. 
Cardfight!! Vanguard Cardfightin' action.
Digimon Adventure Sequel.
Dragon Quest: The Adventure Of Dai Fantasy questing.
Don't Call Us a Junk Game  Comedy.
D4DJ: First Mix Musical anime.
Eagle Talon Comedy
Fire Force [Season 2] Firefighting anime.
Food Wars: The Fifth Plate Cooking anime style. 
Grand Blue Dreaming Diving anime 
Golden Kamuy Anime period action.
Haikyu [Season 4] Sports anime. 
I Tried Asking While Kowtowing High School romance.
I'm Standing On A million Lives Fantasy anime
Idolish 7 [Season 2] Male idol anime.
Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon [Season 3] Fantasy.
Is The Order A Rabbit? [Season 3] Don't ask me.
Iwakeru -Sport Climbing Girls-  Rock climbing anime. 
Jujutsu Kaisen Scrapping anime.
Love Live! Ninjigasaki High School Idol Project New Incarnation of popular idol anime.
Major 2nd Baseball anime.
The Misfit Of Demon King Academy
Anime fantasy.
Mr Omatsu [Season 3] Comedy.
Noblesse Vampire saga.
One Room Romance.
Onyx Equinox Crunchyroll mesoamerican original.
One Piece Long-running pirate action.
Rail Romanesque Pretty girls for trainspotters.
Rent-A-Girlfriend Romantic comedy.
RWBY Season 8 Fairytale inspired action.
Shadowverse Action anime,
That Is The Bottleneck Quirky anime.
Tonkawa: Over The Moon For You Romance.
Umayon Anime comedy.
With A Dog and A Cat Every Day Is Fun Cute overload.
Yasha Hime Fantasy set in the InuYasha universe.
Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories Spooky stuff.





New Episodes


A3!  Slice-of-life anime.
Adachi and Shimamura Comedy
A Certain Scientific Railgun T Anime fantasy adventure.
Akudama Drive Sci-fi anime.
Assault Lily Bouquet Anime Action. 
Appare-Ranman Feudal sci-fi action.
Arte  Renasissance anime drama.
By The Grace of The Gods Fantasy.
D4DJ: First Mix Musical anime.
The Day I Became a God Anime drama.
Diary Of Our Days At The Breakwater School comedy.
Dropout Idol Fruit Tart Idol anime
Fire Force [Season 2] Firefighting anime.
Fruits Basket Anime fantasy romance.
The Gymnastics Samurai Sporting anime.
Hugurashi When They Cry New Anime horror
Heaven's Offical's Blessing Anime fantasy.
Hypnosis Mic- Division Rap Battle Musical anime.
The Irregular at Magic High School Harry who?
Ikebukuro West Gate Park Anime crime drama.
Kings Raid Successors Of The Will Fantasy anime.
Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Ursine adventure.
Lapis Re: LIGHTs Anime fantasy. 
Listeners Anime fantasy.
Magatsu Wahrheit: Zuerst Anime fantasy.
Maesetsu! Opening Act Idol anime.
The Millionaire Detective Mystery anime.
Moriarty The Patriot Origin story of Sherlock's nemesis.
Our Last Crusade or The Rise Of The World Fantasy.
Sleepy Princess In The Demon Castle Fantasy.
SUPER HXEROS Superhero adventure anime.
Talentless Nana Comedy.
That Is The Bottleneck Quirky anime.  
That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime OAV Anime fantasy
Tsukiuta The Animation Idol anime.
Uzaki-Chan Wants To Hang Out! Anime romcom.
Warlords Of Sigrdrifa Fantasy anime. 
Wandering Witch: The Journey Of Elena Fantasy. 
Yasha Hime Fantasy set in the Inu Yasha universe.


Full Seasons and Movies

Nekopara Romantic comedy anime.

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