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Out This Week: White Snake, Marona's Fantastic Tale, One Piece and More

This week's animated new release roundup contains some great titles on both sides of the pond. UK readers can pick up titles including Light Chaser's fantastic Chinese CGI fantasy White Snake and the new fantasy adventures from Keiichi Hara (Miss Hokusai), Birthday Wonderland (released in the US as The Wonderland). Those of you in the US can get your paws on Anca Damian's canine fable Marona's Fantastic Tale, season 2 of the cult hit One Punch Man and the latest volume of Shonen Jump series One Piece.

Click the links below to order via Amazon or Right Stuf Anime (affiliate links used where possible). All information provided is correct at the time of writing to the best of our knowledge and is subject to change. 



UK Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital Releases For November 10, 2020

Birthday Wonderland (Anime Ltd, PG) Keiichi Hara's anime fantasy feature.
­čĺ┐FORMATS: Blu-Ray,

Moribito- Guardian Of The Spirit (MVM, PG) Fantasy drama anime series.
­čĺ┐FORMATS: Blu-Ray

Tokyo Marble Chocolate (Anime Ltd, PG ) Anime romantic comedy.
­čĺ┐FORMATS: Blu-Ray 


White Snake (Dazzler Media, PG) Dazzling Chinese fantasy animation. Our review.
­čĺ┐FORMATS: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital




US Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital Releases For November 11, 2020



amazon | rightstuf


Hayate The Combat Butler Ultimate Collection (Sentai Filmworks, PG-14) Butlers kicking butt. 
­čĺ┐FORMATS: Blu-Ray LE

amazon | rightstuf

Inu-Yasha Set 3 (Viz Pictures, 13+) Rumiko Takahashi's feudal fantasy rom-com.
­čĺ┐FORMATS: Blu-Ray

amazon |

Marona's Fantastic Tale (GKIDS/Shout Factory) Anca Damian's award-winning tale of the story of a dog's life. Review incoming.
­čĺ┐ FORMATS: Blu-Ray+DVD, DVD, Digital

amazon | rightstuf

One Piece Season 10, Part 3 (Funimation ) Long-running swashbuckling adventure.


amazon | rightstuf

One Punch Man Season 2 (Viz Pictures,  13+) The Cult action-comedy returns.
­čĺ┐ FORMATS: Blu-Ray, DVD, Blu-Ray+DVD LE, Digital

This Week's Deals

Right Stuf Anime's Weekly Specials this week features Discotek Media titles. There's up to 40% off titles including Space Adventure Cobra, Wicked City, Crusher Joe, Giant Robo and More. It even includes preorder titles such as Devil Man Lady, Gin Rae and Dancouga.
On Amazon this week, new deals include Song of The Sea for $9.99, Disney's Cinderella Signature Edition for $10, and the recently released Nauto Movie Triple pack for $12.17. The Criterion edition of trippy French cult classic Fantastic Planet is currently on offer for $19.99

On Amazon UK this week featured deals include Frozen and Frozen II double pack for £13.99, Who Framed Roger Rabbit for £5.55, and My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising's fancy Limited Edition steelbook Blu-Ray/DVD combo-pack For £20.42. There are also deals on tow very different types of adult animation:  French sci-fi boob and bloodfest Heavy Metal and harrowing nuclear drama When The Wind Blows are both down to £6.99
Zavvi is running Anime Month promotion, with savings on titles across the board throughout November.  Featured titles include Attack On Titan (all seasons included), Ghost In The Shell: SAC,