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Web Animation Watch: Zilda, The Memory Of The Gold Medallion, Wild Rift and More

Well, hello there- fancy seeing you here. Welcome back to Web Animation Watch our regular feature highlighting the latest and greatest in online animation. This time we've got feisty felines, phantom horses, brave warriors and more, with a wild variety of animation styles.

If you've made something- be it a web short, web series episode, student film, music video or something else- you think would be a good fit for a future column, or if you've just found something cool, please drop us a line. 


The Memory Of The Gold Medallion (La Memoire Du Medaillon D'Or)

PICK OF THE WEEK  Another absolute gem from the year's crop of Gobelins Shorts.  Without a word of spoken dialogue, Clara Danjoux's film creates something by turns mysterious, melancholic, spooky and uplifting. The film focuses on a young shepherdess who is guided by a mysterious horse. 

Skateboard Stop-Motion

Kevin Parry has become somewhat famous online for his short clips which use the method of Pixilation- that is stop-motion that uses live actors as the subject. Kevin is basically his own stop-motion puppet. These clips are shared around on social media a lot, but in this video you get to see his latest, very clever animation, followed by an explanation of how he made it come to life! 


Zilda (Cartoon Zelda Intro)

New from those smart cookies at Channel 4's Mashed is this perfect mash-up of the video game franchise The Legend Of Zelda with the Netflix show Hilda. As so often with Mashed, this is two great tastes you'd never guess would go together! 

Paws For Thought | Simon's Cat

He may be a British kitty, but Simon's Cat still gets a Thanksgiving Special. In this typically cute short SC encounters a local stray. Introducing Teddy the feral kitty! Hopefully, we'll see him again and he can find a new home soon! You can become a Simon's Cat member here.

Cat and Kat

Cartoonist Charles Brubaker has created this crossover featuring the characters of his two webcomics Ask a Cat and The Fuzzy Princess.  You may not get the finer details if you're not familiar with the comics in questions, but you don't need any prior knowledge to appreciate the classic old-school cartoon/ comic strip aesthetic and feel. Even down to the title card. You can support Charles on Patreon here.

League Of Legends: You Really Got Me

Riot Games video game League Of Legends has been promoted by numerous wonderful animated videos over the years. We've never played any of the games but most of them are still amazingly enjoyable to watch nonetheless.  This latest short is to made to promote Wild Rift,  the new mobile version of the game.  This cinematic trailer has some of the best character animation any of the LoL videos so far.