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New 'Disenchantment' Trailer Reveals January Return


Matt Groening's adult fantasy comedy Disenchantment first arrived on Netflix to a mixed reception from fans and critics alike in 2018. Those who fell for its charms though knew that it was a very different beast from The Simpsons and even Futurama. Co-creator Josh Weinstein's work as a writer on Gravity Falls helped him craft a series that embraces serialised storytelling and is more interested in the fantasy setting than in packing in constant gags (although it's no slouch in that department, either). The third batch of 10 episodes was scheduled to arrive in 2020, but presumably due to pandemic related delays, will now stream on January 15, 2021, instead.

Season two really began to open up the show's world by revealing a realm outside of the show's main setting of Dreamland. The new trailer reveals that Bean's visit to the steam-punk like city Steamland was not a one-off.  As the treasonous plotting and betrayals in her home kingdom begin to put her life in danger, Bean and Elfo head to Steamland to take cover.

It looks like we'll be exploring the scientifically advanced city quite a lot in the next part, as we see a lot of it in the trailer. Bean also meets up with some sort of authority figure in the city, who proposes "an alliance between magic and science". The Steamland leader is voiced unmistakably by awesome British comedian Richard Ayoade (The IT Crowd, Darkplace).

The trailer features yet more Game Of Thrones-style political intrigue and machinations, an encounter with mermaids, plenty of gags and a medieval-style cover of Born To Be Wild. Check out the new trailer, below.