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The AFA Podcast 154: Storyboarding 101


Hey there animation fans, and welcome to a very special episode of The AFA Podcast. Today we start a brand new series on the podcast- The Art Of Animation, where we look in-depth at different parts of the animation project. And seeing as we have a working animation professional on our regular team, where better to start than with Storyboarding?

Rachael is joined by regular co-host and professional storyboard artist Dan and guest Jamie Iles, who is a storyboard artist at Blue Zoo animation. They talk about the craft and challenges of storyboarding for animation, how storyboarding fits into the process of animating and discuss how to get into storyboarding.

We think you'll find it a fascinating listen, whether you are interested in getting into the industry yourself or if you are just interested in learning more!

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The Team: 

• Rachael Ward @fail2ninja  

• Dan Hamman @hammoo   

GUEST: Jamie Iles @JamieIles 




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