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On-Gaku Our Sound: New Trailer, Screening Info Released

If you love independent animation, then On-Gaku: Our Sound is the real deal. In fact, the film is animated almost singlehandedly by director  Kenji Iwaisawa.  The film is also going to be one of the few chances you'll get to see a new animated movie in cinemas this year, when GKIDS Films release the film on December 11.

Adapted from Hiroyuki Ohashi's manga, the musical buddy comedy follows a trio of tearaway highschoolers who start a band and dream of making it big.  The film features a lead performance from J-Rock star Shintaro Sakamoto.

On-Gaku Our Sound will open in select markets (where cinemas are open) from December 11, including San Fransico, Dallas, Chicago, Austin and Boston. Visit the website to find out if it's playing near you.

GKIDS have released a brand new English-subtitle trailer- check it out below.