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Web Animation Watch: Mum's Sweater, Toad Rage, The Ultimate LOTR Recap Cartoon And More


We are back with a whole new year of Web Animation Watch, our regular feature where we showcase the latest and greatest in online animation. This time we have some returning champions and some brand new fresh talent. It's good to be back!

As always, if you are an animator who has made something that would be at home here or just a fan who's found something you think we should see, drop us a line today!

The Ultimate Lord Of The Rings Fellowship Recap Cartoon 


Another instalment from Cas van de Pol's unique abridged recap cartoons, this time from one of the 21st Century's most iconic franchises, Lord Of The Rings. In the short's unique irreverent style, we're taken through the lengthy film's main events in record time (with a few changes from the original, and a ton of gags). Directed by Remus and Kiki.  Support Cas On Patreon here.

Super Mario Bros: Toad Rage 


 Another twisted version of one of the world's most popular pop culture properties from Mashed. Set in the world of the Super Mario games, this shows us versions of Mario, Luigi and particularly Princess Peach and Daisy like we've never seen before. Sidekick Toad has had enough of being bossed around by Peach and co and decides to get his revenge. This has a really fun, slightly scrappy style that suits the material down to the ground. Check out the second part below.


 Mum's Sweater 


★  PICK OF THE WEEK ★ Another fabulous piece of work from the 2020 class of Gobelins, graduation films. In this film, Kim, a grieving young woman puts oN her late mother's sweater, only to get much more than she bargained for. Gorgeously designed and animated, this melancholy tinged short leaves us to question whether it is genuinely supernatural or all in the head of a woman in mourning. By turns heartbreaking, amusing creepy and surreal, this is an impressive debut. Directed by Anand K Varma, Yi Chen Hsiao, Mauriziana Gualdrini, Ugo Offner and James Mann.


Jesper Ryom | Nights


Mathijs Juijten and Sofie Lee's video for the track Nights by Jesper Ryom is a fine example of why animation and music are such natural bedfellows. The animation has a rhythmic feel to it and is cut to the beat making it feel as if the sound and visuals were made to be together. Simple but incredibly effective.

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