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Aardman Announces 'Lloyd Of The Flies' Series

The UK's biggest animation studio Aardman Animation is best known for their iconic work in stop-motion. Although they've become synonymous both with this technique and a particular style, since the very beginning they have worked in a range of mediums and art styles. Still, when it's revealed that a new work of theirs will be produced in CG, it causes a certain section of their fans to become up in arms, disappointed that they are moving away from the 'purity' of stop-motion.

Arthur Christmas (and to a lesser extent Flushed Away) proved that their style can work well in CG animation without losing much of their charm. However, these were co-productions with major Hollywood studios, with most of the actual animation happening many hundreds of miles from Aardman's studio in Bristol, England. Their newly announced TV series will be the first CGI series produced entirely in-house.

The gloriously titled Lloyd Of The Flies will be created using a mix of CG and 2D animation. The comedy series will be aimed at 7-11-year-olds and has been picked up for local airing on broadcaster CITV. It will also be shopped around internationally, with the company hoping for it to ultimately air in as many territories as their hugely popular series Shaun The Sheep.

Lloyd of the Flies is created and directed by Matt Walker, with Aardman's Sarah Cox on board as Executive Creative Director. Walker was the winner of the best Graduation film at Annecy International Animation Festival in 2006 and a Special Jury Award at Aspen Shortsfest.

The series will star housefly Lloyd B Fly, a middle child of  453. Lloyd explores the world beyond his compost bin home alongside best friend Abacus Woodlouse and 'eccentric tagalong' Cornea Butterfly. In the big wide world, there are no shortage of lessons for Lloyd to "very nearly learn".

Matt Walker said:

I cannot wait to bring the witty and weird world of Lloyd to life. It is a life familiar to many of us – as Lloyd tries to prove his worth in a world he doesn’t fully understand, while dealing with friendship, family, the acquisition of food, and not being crushed or eaten. Born out of my love of insects and a punny title, Lloyd of the Flies is a comedy of entomology that draws inspiration from the insects we are used to seeing around the home and gives a glimpse of what they are up to when we are not paying attention.


Only Aardman can make flies seem lovable! Visually, the series seems to look classically Aardman, despite the break with their traditional style. Although airing on a kids' channel, it's likely to have much wider appeal (as with Shaun The Sheep).

The series is made with support from the government-funded Young Audience Content Fund from the BFI. The YACF offers funding to series that have received a commitment from a UK Public Service Broadcaster to screen free-to-air.