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Podcast: ANNY Animator Interviews: Chris Plimmer/ Julie Rembauville and Nicolas Bianco-Levrin


Animation For Adults Presents Animation Nights New York's (ANNY) Animator Interviews. AFA and ANNY's Evan Vernon talks with British animator Chris Plimmer, whose short Man's Best Friend Forever is screening at the upcoming Februray virtual screening of Animation Nights New York and French animation Julie Rembauville and Nicolas Bianco-Levrin  whose short Small Sparks is also screening.
ANNY's February event takes place Sunday, February 21, 11am - 11pm with, Mixer Events 3pm - 5pm & 8pm - 10pm EST.

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YouTube version here.


Man's Best Friend Forever
Director: Chris Plimmer


Chris Plimmer is a 4th year MA art student specializing in stop-motion puppet fabrication. His future hopes are to go into directing or puppet fabrication for his future career. He spends much of his free time expanding his online portfolio which is filled with sculpted stopmotion puppets and animations.

Personal Website: https://www.chrisplimmer.com/


Petite Etincelle / Small Spark
Prototypes Productions


Director: Julie Rembauville

Julie Rembauville was born in Paris in 1982. She studied literature and audiovisuals at La Sorbonne University. In 2003, she published her first book for childern, Je ne me laisserai pas faire ! (I won’t let them do it !) working with the artist Nicolas Bianco-Levrin. Then, they realized films and books, working on adaptation principally. The Machino received the award of the best DVD-book for children in 2006, given by the CIELJ (International Center of Literature for Children)

She’s now working on an animated serie project for TV, KROAK, written with Nicolas Bianco-Levrin and produced by Sacrebleu productions and on a short Ombre qui vole.


Writer / Producer: Nicolas Bianco-Levrin

After studying applied arts at the Duperré school in Paris, Nicolas Bianco-Levrin publishes about twenty youth albums as an illustrator. At the same time, he co-directed about thirty animated short films with Julie Rembauville for which he designed the graphics. The films then travel to many festivals around the world.