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Annecy 2021: First Part Of This Year's Selection Announced


Annecy International Animation Festival and the accompanying MIFA Market is the biggest event in the annual animation calendar. It usually attracts the cream of animation talent and animation lovers from across the globe. In 2020 of course, it had to be cancelled for the first time in its history. In place of the regular event, the organisers instead ran a successful online event, that allowed viewers from around the world to take part from the comfort of their homes.  

Annecy's 2021 edition will take place from June 14 to June 19. At this stage, it's too early to say whether Annecy 21 will be all virtual again this year, in person, or a mix of the two. The festival organisers say "We are currently working on our proposal for the Annecy Festival and Mifa 2021 edition, to ensure that it is correctly adapted to measures that apply to our industry’s sector, and for our participants’ safety. More info coming soon!" Honestly, a fully traditional festival this year seems unlikely, even potentially irresponsible. Even with the vaccine rollout picking up, it's going to be some time before large gatherings are permitted in most places. Even when international travel is permitted, many potential attendees may not feel comfortable doing so.

 Either way, the show must go on, and the festival has this week revealed the first part of its 2021 selection. The short films in competition, the TV commissioned films and graduation films have been announced, with the features and VR selection to be revealed at a later date.

This year more than 2,700 films were submitted, from almost 100 countries. The selection includes 98 films in the short competition (including 44 in the main category, 8 in Off-Limits,  22 in the Perspectives section, and 12 in Young audiences). 43% of the shorts were directed by women.

The Graduation film selection comprises 47 films, of which 60% were directed by women. 26 TV films and 32 Commisoned films have been selected, with 27% and 38% directed by women respectively. The shorts will compete for juried and audience awards.

This year's selection represents a wide selection of artists, voice and techniques, a mix of well known and respected names (such as British animator Joanna Quinn who is bringing her lastest film to Annecy) and newcomers, with a large number of works coming from countries that are less well known for their animation such as Latvia, Syria, Ghana and Belarus. This year's festival will shine a light on African Animation.

The full selection can be found below. Visit the festival website for more details on all the featured works.

2021 Annecy Selection

Short Films in Competition

Affairs Of The Art

Directed By: Joanna Quinn

Country: United Kingdom, Canada

Angakuksajaujuq ("The Shaman's Apprentice")

Directed By: Zacharias Kunuk

Country: Canada

Bestia ("Beast")

Directed By: Hugo Covarrubias

Country: Chile


Directed By: Anton Dyakov

Country: Russia

Ce Qui Résonne Dans Le Silence ("What Resonates In Silence")

Directed By: Marine Blin

Country: France


Directed By: Vladimir Leschiov

Country: Latvia, Lithuania


Directed By: Donato Sansone

Country: Italy

Concatenation 2 ‒Olympic Games

Directed By: Donato Sansone

Country: Italy

Conversations With A Whale

Directed By: Anna Bergmann (Dit Samo)

Country: Germany

Dad Is Gone

Directed By: Pere Ginard

Country: Spain

Dans La Nature  ("In Nature")

Directed By: Marcel Barelli

Country: Switzerland

Darwin's Notebook

Directed By: Georges Schwizgebel

Country: Switzerland

Der Lokführer  ("The Train Driver")

Directed By: Zuniel Kim, Christian Wittmoser

Country: Germany

Easter Eggs

Directed By: Nicolas Keppens

Country: Belgium, France, Netherlands

Écorce ("Peel")

Directed By: Samuel Patthey, Silvain Monney

Country: Switzerland

Have A Nice Dog!

Directed By: Jalal Maghout

Country: Germany, Syria

Hold Me Tight

Directed By: Mélanie Robert

Country: Belgium, France


Directed By: Caroline Cherrier

Country: France

How To Be At Home

Directed By: Andrea Dorfman

Country: Canada

Huang Jin Chi Ren La ("God Is Eating People")

Directed By: Xia Su

Country: China

I Gotta Look Good For The Apocalypse

Directed By: Ayce Kartal

Country: Turkey

June Night

Directed By: Mike Maryniuk

Country: Canada

Kafkayi Eraz ("Dream Of Kafka")

Directed By: David Babayan

Country: Armenia

L'amour En Plan

Directed By: Claire Sichez

Country: France

Le Monde En Soi ("The World Within")

Directed By: Sandrine Stoïanov, Jean-Charles Finck

Country: France

Le Réveil Des Insectes ("The Awakening Of The Insects")

Directed By: Stéphanie Lansaque, François Leroy

Country: France

Mauvaises Herbes ("Bad Seeds")

Directed By: Claude Cloutier

Country: Canada

Metube 3: August Sings "Una Furtiva Lagrima" 

Directed By: Daniel Moshel

Country: Austria


Directed By: Kajika Aki

Country: France

No Leaders Please

Directed By: Joan Gratz

Country: USA


Directed By: Paul Wenninger

Country: Austria, France

On Time

Directed By: Zbigniew Czapla

Country: Japan, Poland


Directed By: Erick Oh

Country: South Korea

People In Motion

Directed By: Christoph Lauenstein, Wolfgang Lauenstein

Country: Germany

See Me

Directed By: Patty Stenger, Yvonne Kroese

Country: Netherlands

Shapes.Colours.People. And Floatingdown

Directed By: Peter Millard

Country: United Kingdom

Sous La Peau, L'écorce ("Under The Skin, The Bark")

Directed By: Franck Dion

Country: France

Sve Te Senzacije U Mom Trbuhu ("All Those Sensations In My Belly")

Directed By: Marko Djeska

Country: Croatia, Portugal

Swallow The Universe

Directed By: Luis Nieto

Country: France

They Dance With Their Heads

Directed By: Thomas Corriveau

Country: Canada


Directed By: Juan Medina

Country: Mexico

Unanswered Telephone

Directed By: Seunn Lee

Country: South Korea, Czech Republic

Vadim Na Progulke

Directed By: Sasha Svirsky

Country: Russia


Directed By: Jeanne Apergis

Country: France

OFF LIMITS Short Films In Competition

  Cause Of Death

Directed By: Jyoti Mistry

Country: South Africa, Austria

Dissolution Prologue (Extended Version)

Directed By: Siegfried A. Fruhauf

Country: Austria

Hum Drum

Directed By: Patrick Bokanowski

Country: France


Directed By: Ismaël Joffroy-Chandoutis

Country: France


Directed By: Elina Maligina

Country: Latvia

Scum Mutation

Directed By: Ov

Country: France

There Must Be Some Kind Of Way Out Of Here

Directed By: Rainer Kohlberger

Country: Austria

Tunable Mimoid

Directed By: Vladimir Todorovic

Country: Australia

Perspectives Short Films In Competition 

 A Boy I Never Knew
    Directed By: Daria Dedok
    Country: Belarus, Czech Republic
    Amayi ("Mother")
    Directed By: Subarna Das
    Country: India
    Chasse Galerite
    Directed By: Brian Hawkins
    Country: USA
    Clara With A Mustache
    Directed By: Ilir Blakcori
    Country: Kosovo
    Directed By: Nick Simpson
    Country: Australia
    Divare Chaharom ("The Fourth Wall")
    Directed By: Mahboobeh Kalaee
    Country: Iran
    Fainanın Sirri ("The Enigma Of Faina")
    Directed By: Durna Safarova
    Country: Azerbaijan
    I Am Chuma
    Directed By: Clea Mallinson, Wendy Spinks
    Country: South Africa
    La Copia Feliz Del Edén ("The Happy Version Of Eden")
    Directed By: Samuel Restucci, Emilio Romero
    Country: Chile
    La Prima Cosa
    Directed By: Shira Ukrainitz, Omar Razzak
    Country: Spain, France
    Llueve ("It Rains")
    Directed By: Carolina Corral, Magali Rocha Donnadieu
    Country: Mexico
    Lolos ("Boobs")
    Directed By: Marie Valade
    Country: Canada
    Magutny Bozha - Prayer For Belarus
    Directed By: Yulia Ruditskaya
    Country: Belarus
    Malumore ("Bad Mood")
    Directed By: Loris Giuseppe Nese
    Country: Italy
    Mitovebuli Sofeli (" Abandonned Village")
    Directed By: Mariam Kapanadze
    Country: Georgia
    Play The Game
    Directed By: Sandra Mounir
    Country: Egypt
    Directed By: Ivan Andreevski
    Country: Macedonia
    Room 5
    Directed By: Francis Yushau Brown
    Country: Ghana
    Directed By: Arafat Mazhar
    Country: Pakistan

    Directed By: Isabel Loyer, Luis Paris
    Country: Argentina, France
    Wochenbett ("Postpartum")
    Directed By: Henriette Rietz
    Country: Germany
    Y'a Bon ?
    Directed By: Marc Faye
    Country: France

Young Audiences Short Films in Competition


    Directed By: Oana Lacroix
    Country: Switzerland
    Inkt ("Ink")
    Directed By: Erik Verkerk, Joost Van Den Bosch
    Country: Netherlands
    Itchy The Camel: Tennis Ball
    Directed By: Anders Beer, Ph Dallaire
    Country: Canada
    Kiko Et Les Animaux ("Kiko And The Animals")
    Directed By: Yawen Zheng
    Country: France, Switzerland
    Méga Méga Méga Méga Fête ("Mega Mega Mega Mega Party")
    Directed By: Collectif 14 Enfants, Louise-Marie Colon, Simon Medard
    Country: Belgium
    Pod Oblakami ("Under The Clouds")
    Directed By: Vasilisa Tikunova
    Country: Russia
    Printsessa Y Bandit ("The Princess And The Bandit")
    Directed By: Sosnina Mariya, Mikhail Aldashin
    Country: Russia
    Directed By: Sorcha Mcglinchey
    Country: Ireland
    Temps De Cochon (" A Splash In Mud")
    Directed By: Emmanuelle Gorgiard
    Country: France
    The Wonderful Story Of Aisha, Ali And Flipflopi The Multicoloured Dhow Boat
    Directed By: Kwame Nyong'o
    Country: Kenya
    Directed By: Phoebe Wahl, Andrea Love
    Country: USA
    Un Caillou Dans La Chaussure (" A Stone In The Shoe")
    Directed By: Éric Montchaud
    Country: France, Switzerland

Graduation Shorts In Competition


Directed By: Moïse Togo
Country: France, Mali 

A Film About A Pudding
Directed By: Roel Van Beek
Country: United Kingdom

Directed By: Marcell Mostoha
Country: Hungary
Bestie Wokol Nas ("Beasts Among Us")
Directed By: Natalia Durszewicz
Country: Poland

Directed By: Pilar Garcia-Fernandezsesma
Country: USA

Directed By: Yuanqing Cai, Mikolaj Janiw, Houzhi Huang, Nathan Crabot, Mandinby Lebon, Théo Tran Ngoc
Country: France
    Contraindre ("Constrain")
    Directed By: Antoine Fontaine, Galdric Fleury
    Country: France
    Directed By: Katya Mikheeva
    Country: Russia
    Don't Drop The Goose
    Directed By: Jurie Visagie
    Country: South Africa
    Drawn Undrew Draw
    Directed By: Angel Wu
    Country: Taiwan
    Eyes And Horns
    Directed By: Chaerin Im
    Country: USA, Germany, South Korea
    Film Found
    Directed By: Claudia Munksgaard-Palmqvist
    Country: Norway, Denmark
    Directed By: Mitch Mcglocklin
    Country: USA
    Furia ("Fury")
    Directed By: Julia Siuda
    Country: Poland
    Girl In The Water
    Directed By: Shih-Rou Huang
    Country: Taiwan
    Help Me It's Dark In Here
    Directed By: James Cheetham
    Country: United Kingdom
    Directed By: Zehao Li
    Country: China
    Jagged James
    Directed By: Christian Stewart
    Country: Ireland
    Jelszó A * * * * * * * * * - Hoz ("Password to the ****")
    Directed By: Adel Szegedi
    Country: Hungary
    Kata No Ato ("The Mark Of Emi")
    Directed By: Momoka Furukawahara
    Country: Japan
    Kula ("The Tower")
    Directed By: Suncana Brkulj
    Country: Croatia

    La Confiture De Papillons ("Butterfly Jam")
    Directed By: Shih-Yen Huang
    Country: France, Taiwan
    Les Yeux Grands Ouverts ("Eyes Wide Open")
    Directed By: Laura Passalacqua
    Country: France
    Mon Ami Qui Brille Dans La Nuit ("My Friend Who Shines In the Night")
    Directed By: Grégoire De Bernouis, Jawed Boudaoud, Simon Cadilhac, Hélène Ledevin
    Country: France
    Morning Grass
    Directed By: Alina Milkina
    Country: Netherlands
    Directed By: Carol Ratajczak, Tobias Trebeljahr
    Country: Germany
    Directed By: Júlia Lerch
    Country: Hungary
    Oderwanie ("The Place")
    Directed By: Sylwia Zawila
    Country: Poland
    Oh Babe, It's A Wild World
    Directed By: Coline Durtschi-Guillemot
    Country: France
    Directed By: Dries Bogaert
    Country: Belgium
    Reise ("Journey")
    Directed By: Heimo Linder
    Country: Austria
    Scaphoïde Et Métacarpes ("Scaphoid And Patterns")
    Directed By: Théo Guyot
    Country: Belgium

    Sestry ("Sisters")
    Directed By: Andrea Szelesova
    Country: Czech Republic
    Sobaki Pakhnut Morem ("Dogs Smell Like The Sea")
    Directed By: Anastasiya Lisovets
    Country: Russia
    Soft Animals
    Directed By: Renee Zhan
    Country: United Kingdom
    Directed By: Zhong Xian
    Country: United Kingdom
    Strange Occurrences: Bukit Bulabu
    Directed By: Shi Teng Wong, Gloria Yeo, Hana Lee
    Country: Singapore
    Summer, Summer
    Directed By: Ruihong Tang
    Country: China
    Sužanj ("Thrall)
    Directed By: Igor Đurić
    Country: Bosnia And Herzegovina
    Sweet Nothing
    Directed By: Joana Fischer, Marie-Christine Kenov
    Country: Switzerland
    Świątynia Ukwiału ("Anemone Temple")
    Directed By: Justyna Pazdan
    Country: Poland
    The Mannequin Talk Show
    Directed By: Ji-Hye Min
    Country: South Korea
    Underwater Love
    Directed By: Veronica Martiradonna, Andrea Falzone, Maria Cristina Fiore
    Country: Italy

    Vacuidad ("Emptiness")
    Directed By: Eduardo Gallardo
    Country: Mexico
    Vidéo Noire
    Directed By: Ha-Eun Sung
    Country: South Korea
    Directed By: Nicolas Gourault
    Country: France
    Zieleń ("Green")
 Directed By: Karolina Kajetanowicz
    Country: Poland

TV Films In Competition


    Animaniacs "Suspended Animation"
    Directed By: Scott O'brien, Katie Rice
Country: USA

At Home "Ksiezyc" ("The Moon")
Directed By: Tomek Popakul
Country: Poland

Ballmastrz: 9009 "Children Of The Night Serenade Wet Nurse Of Reprisal - Scream Bloodsucker, Scream!"
Directed By: Christy Karacas
Country: USA
Bobaski I Miś "Baloniki" ("Babies and The Bear- Balloons")
Directed By: Marek Skrobecki
Country: Poland

Boon & Pimento "Pataplouf"
Directed By: Robin Beaumont, Paul Szajner
Country: France


Chip 'N' Dale: Park Life "The Ghost"
Directed By: Jean Cayrol
Country: France
Disenchantment "Last Splash"
Directed By: Dwayne Carey-Hill, Peter Avanzino, Scott Vanzo, Lauren Macmullan, Jeff Myers
Country: USA
Japan Sinks: 2020 "The Beginning Of The End"
Directed By: Masaaki Yuasa
Country: Japan
Jésus, L'histoire D'une Parole "Au Désert" ("Jesus, The Story Of A Word The Desert")
Directed By: Antoine Robert
Country: France

Kenda "Le Candidat Idéal"
Directed By: Stéphane Mendonça
Country: Ivory Coast, France
Kinderwood "What Sounds Like Thunder"
Directed By: Otto Tang, Allison Craig
Country: USA

Konigiri-Kun Concert
Directed By: Mari Miyazawa
Country: Japan

Language Full Of Colours "Who's On A Lead?"
Directed By: Stepan Koval
Country: Ukraine

Little Tami's Book "Janitor"
Directed By: Henry Zhuang, Harry Zhuang
Country: Singapore

Maman Pleut Des Cordes ("Mum Is Pouring Rain")
Directed By: Hugo De Faucompret
Country: France
Masha And The Bear - Nursery Rhymes "Wheels On The Bus"
Directed By: Dina Maltseva
Country: Russia

Monsieur Flap "Home Sweet Home"
Directed By: Brice Chevillard, Nicolas Athané
Country: France

Moominvalley "November"
Directed By: Steve Box
Country: Finland, United Kingdom

Mush-Mush "The Guardian Of The Forest"
Directed By: Joeri Christiaen
Country: Belgium, France
Pompon Ours "Ourson Migrateur"
Directed By: Matthieu Gaillard
Country: France
Stillwater "The Impossible Dream"
Directed By: Jun Falkenstein
Country: USA
The Snoopy Show "Happiness Is A Dancing Dog" (A Snoopy Tale)
Directed By: Rob Boutilier, Ridd Sorensen, Behzad Mansoori-Dara, Steven Evangelatos
Country: USA

Twende "Smoothie Operator"
Directed By: Mike Scott
Country: South Africa, USA, Kenya, United Kingdom
Directed By: Guillaume Lorin
Country: France, Switzerland
Zog And The Flying Doctors
Directed By: Sean Mullen
Country: United Kingdom

   Commissioned Films In Competition

    Adult Swim Smalls "Xmas Is Cancelled"
    Directed By: Will Anderson, Ainslie Henderson
    Country: United Kingdom
    Agnus Dei
    Directed By: Vergine Keaton
    Country: France
    Agua Para Ayutla ("Water For  Ayutla")
    Directed By: Azucena Castillo, Yasmin Islas, Elisa Hernandez
    Country: Mexico
    Alima "Afri-Can"
    Directed By: Daniel Bruson, Théo Gottlieb
    Country: France
    Animafest Zagreb 2020 "Festival Trailer"
    Directed By: Yoriko Mizushiri
    Country: Croatia
    Between Hunters And Foxes
    Directed By: Ben Sinclair
    Country: United Kingdom
    Brawl Stars "Piper's Sugar & Spice!"
    Directed By: Sammy Moore, Ewen Stenhouse
    Country: USA
    Breast Cancer Now "A Love/Hate Relationship"
    Directed By: Anna Ginsburg
    Country: United Kingdom
    End Of The Line
    Directed By: Hera Hallsdottir
    Country: Denmark
    Gala "Parallel Lines"
    Directed By: Nina Paley
    Country: USA
    Gates Notes "Mosquito Week"
    Directed By: Pes
    Country: USA
    Graham Nash "Dirty Little Secret"
    Directed By: Jeff Scher
    Country: USA

    Hjelp, Vi Har En Blind Pasient ("Help! We Have A Blind Patient!")
    Directed By: Robin Jensen
    Country: Norway
    Kai "A Little Too Much"
    Directed By: Martina Scarpelli
    Country: USA
    Kriill "Hurt People Hurt People"
    Directed By: Félicien Colmet-Daage
    Country: France
    L'oreille Musicale
    Directed By: Margot Reumont
    Country: Belgium
    Linoleum 2020 "Becoming Human"
    Directed By: Mykyta Lyskov
    Country: Ukraine
    Lookyan "Polymorphia"
    Directed By: Vladislav Parovozov
    Country: Russia
    Los Viejos "Drop Al Infierno" (Los Viejos "Drop To Hell")
    Directed By: Esteban Azuela
    Country: Mexico
    Maison Book Girl "Kanashimi No Kodomotachi"
    Directed By: Mirai Mizue
    Country: Japan
    Directed By: Éva Darabos, Melinda Kadar, Lili Korcsok, Borbála Mako
    Country: Hungary
    Niet Thuis "Rob" ("Away From Home: Rob")
    Directed By: Sophia Twigt
    Country: Netherlands
    Physical Distancing Explained
    Directed By: Salvador Maldonado
    Country: Burkina-Faso, United Kingdom
    Pune Design Festival 2021 "Signature Film"
    Directed By: Suresh Eriyat
    Country: India
    S+C+A+R+R "I Had To Leave"
    Directed By: Jack Antoine Charlot
    Country: France
    Sparks "One For The Ages"
    Directed By: Chintis Lundgren
    Country: Estonia
    Stine Sofies Stiftelse: Valg ("Stine Sofie's Foundation: Choice")
    Directed By: Hanne Berkaak
    Country: Norway
    Stories From The Inside, Hospital Care For People In Prisons
    Directed By: Tezo Don Lee, Magnus Lenneskog
    Country: United Kingdom
    Ted-Ed "The Rashomon Effect"
    Directed By: Jeremiah Dickey
    Country: USA
    Ted-Ed "Why Didn't This Body Decompose?"
    Directed By: Ivana Bosnjak, Thomas Johnson
    Country: USA, Croatia
    Tell Your Story "Steven"
    Directed By: Robertino Zambrano
    Country: Australia, USA, United Kingdom
    Zubroffka Film Festival Trailer
    Directed By: David Stumpf
    Country: Poland, Slovakia