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Rick and Morty Season 5 Trailer Reveals June Global Premiere


Rick and Morty fans have been used to waiting for quite a while between seasons. Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's cult sci-fi comedy has twice been off the air for over a year. There were more than two years between seasons three and four. Season four (which aired its 10 episodes across two years in five-episode blocks) finished in May of 2020. Adult Swim has offered a few teasers (in animatic form) of the upcoming season five but had yet to reveal a release date.

Until now that is. We're not going to be Rickless much longer as it's been revealed that the season premiere of Rick and Morty Season five will air on June 20 on Adult Swim at 11:00 PM ET/PT.  Even more interestingly, it has been announced that the episode will air on this day globally and will be just part of a day of celebrating all things Rick and Morty, complete with sneak-peeks, behind-the-scenes access and special surprises, across TV, online and social media. WarnerMedia are declaring this to be Rick and Morty Day.

Adult Swim have also blessed us with the first full trailer for the new series. The trailer is full of what has made the series so successful, a mix of high-concept sci-fi adventures and domestic family comedy. We get glimpses of adventures through a spooky forest, an encounter with some sort of underwater fish king,  what looks like some kind of Tron-style world (with Morty's crush Jessica), Rick and Beth wearing some sort of Hellraiser type S&M get-up, and the whole family forming a Voltron-style giant robot team.

All of which looks highly entertaining, but we've learnt from past trailers for the show that they can play tricks on us. So it's possible that anything (or everything) here isn't quite as it seems. Maybe these are just short parts of episodes or gags, or even fantasy or dream sequences, not full stories at all. Or perhaps tit's all from just a couple of episodes- heck, this could all be from the season premiere. The point is- we don't really trust it. But we do trust it's going to be good.

Back in 2018, Harmon and Roiland signed a deal with Adult Swim to produce 70 more episodes. Supposedly this should mean that long breaks between seasons should be avoidable in future. Hopefully, the year-and-a-bit we've had between episodes this time will be the longest we'll have to wait for some time.

Today's announcement doesn't confirm if the season premiere will lead straight into the rest of the season, or if it's being released to tide us over until later in the year. Or perhaps the model of airing the season as two blocks of five is the model we should expect going forward.

Check out the trailer below, and visit the video page for details on where the premiere will be available to watch in your country.