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AnimeJapan : Record Of Ragnarok, My Hero Academia, Eden, Sword Art Online and More


AnimeJapan is one of the biggest events in the Japanese animation calendar, despite being relatively new (its inaugural event took place in 2014). After being totally cancelled in 2020, AnimeJapan 2021 took place as an entirely online event, from March 27- March 30.  The show attracts all the major players in the animation industry in Japan, eager to show their upcoming productions to fans. This year was no exception.

Probably the biggest name in attendance was not Japanese at all. All the same, Netflix has done an awful lot to help promote Japanese animation around the world. The streaming giant took to the virtual stage to show off their upcoming slate of 40 titles, featuring a mix of new and previously announced titles.

Among the new stuff, they revealed Record Of Ragnarok, adapted from the battle manga of the same name, set to premiere worldwide in June of 2021. In this case, Ragnarok is an arena where 13 of the mightiest gods and 13 of the strongest humans from across the world come face to face in 13 one-on-one battles that will decide the fate of humanity. The series is directed by Masao Okubo (best known for directing Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood) with Masaki Kato contributing character designs. Animation production is by Graphacina (Hellsing Ultimate, Expelled From Paradise). Netflix released a first teaser trailer that you can check out here:


From the previously announced selection, Netflix also released a new trailer for American creator LeSean Thomas's Black Samurai series Yasuke,  and some brand new art from legendary artist Takeshi Koike. Yasuke will be streaming on Netflix as of April 29. 


Netflix also finally revealed a date for Eden, the CGI anime sci-fi about a human who is raised in secret by a pair of kindly robots in a world ruled by machines. Yasuhiro Irie (FMA: Brotherhood's chief director) directs the series as CGCG studios. Eden season one will be available from May 27.

Netflix also revealed more from previously revealed titles Way Of The Househusband (Coming April 8) and video game adaptation Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness (premiering in 2021, date to be announced). Infinite Darkness is the first TV series based on Capcom's survival horror franchise and will star characters from the game. A new teaser poster was released.


As the latest season is now streaming, it's also been revealed that My Hero Academia is to get a third movie outing this summer.  In My Hero Academia: The Movie- World Heroes Mission, series protagonist Deku is set to meet a super-powered trio known as"the three musketeers". After first being teased last November, the movie now has a teaser trailer, poster and an August 8 release date in Japan. The creative team behind the series is set to return, and manga artist Kohei Horikoshi will supervise production and contribute original character designs.

Also getting another movie spin-off is Sword Art Online. Sword Art Online The Movie: Progressive- Aria of a Starless Night will be a retelling of the Aincrad arc of the Sword Art Online TV series. The film will be directed by Ayako Kawano at A1 Pictures,  and will hit Japanese cinemas this Autumn.

The hit fighting anime series Jujutsu Kaisen is also getting a theatrical outing. Jujutsu Kaisen 0 is an adaptation of the prequel manga of the same name. The movie will be released this winter in Japan and produced by studio MAPPA. 


Shonen Jump action fantasy series Black Clover is also headed to the big screen. The TV series (based on Yuki Tabata's manga) finished its run this week with its 170th episode but will be followed up by a (currently untitled) feature-length outing. No further details have been announced as yet, but a teaser image was released.