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Watch This: 'Master' Teaser Trailer

The first era of CG animation was a race to get ever-closer to photo-realism. Now that images of such high-fidelity are within reach studios and animators are more often branching out with more experimental styles. The highest profile example to date is Sony's Oscar-winning Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse.

The trailer for Master owes a clear debt to Spiderverse, with a lower-than-average framerate and visible comic-book style effects. The project in fact shares a key staff member with that film, with Peter Ramsey (co-director of Spiderverse and director of Rise Of The Guardians) signed on as an executive producer.

It's an incredibly cool looking clip and it introduces us to the movie's star Olivia. Once a promising martial-arts champion who is on a journey to help her family find a better life. We see her showing off some very impressive moves- Olivia looks like a badass heroine who's just the thing for women's history month.

The movie is being produced by Steamroller Studios, a Florida-based animation outlet in co-operation with PopWilly Productions headed up by Jamaal Bradley.  Steamroller has previously produced animation for clients including Fortnite, The Nut Job 2, Cyberpunk 2077 and Rise Of The Tomb Raider as well as releasing their own original short Spice Frontier last year. This will be their first original animated feature. No release date has been announced yet, but this will certainly get it a lot of attention.

Steamroller also offer you a look behind the scenes with the release of this progress video, showing how the teaser came to fruition.

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