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Netflix Drops 'Love Death + Robots Volume 2' Trailer and Release Date

Netflix's adult animated anthology Love Death + Robots made a splash when it first arrived on the streaming service back in 2019.  The first collection of shorts from Deadpool director Tim Miller and executive producer David Fincher was groundbreaking on a technical level- it features some of the most visually impressive CG animation ever seen, and a nice range of styles too. Anthologies are often a mixed bag, and beyond those visuals, some shorts were more successful than others. But when it was good- as in the Emmy-winning The Witness- it was often spectacular.

A second volume was greenlit in short order, but we'd barely heard a peep about it since. Now, the fine folk at Netflix have surprised us by dropping a trailer for volume two out of nowhere- and it reveals that it will be available from May 14.  What's more, it follows that up with the news that volume three is also on the way for 2022. No two year wait this time.

The animation quality here looks every bit as impressive as in the first batch- which means this is some of the best CG animation you will have ever seen. There's a decent mix of styles here too, from photoreal to much more stylised. There's nothing here that stands out quite as much as the Witness did in the first volume, but it's likely that not every short is included in the trailer.

A criticism of the first season was that some thought there was an over-reliance on sex and violence, and at times it seemed like a teenage boy's fantasy. This might well have been remedied for season two, as this time Miller was joined by Jennifer Yuh Nelson (director of Kung Fu Panda 2 and 3)  as supervising director.

We can't really get too much of a feel for what kind of stories will feature this time, although it does confirm that it will feature all three of the things in the title- plus futuristic cityscapes, giant space whales and giants. 

Check out the trailer, below,