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Animation Nights New York May Screening Event Online!


Join us on Sunday, May 23, 2021, 11am - 11pm, Mixer Events 3pm-5pm & 8pm-10pm EDT.

Animation Nights New York presents “Futility & Hope” (Program #60 | Season 6 | In Competition Films)

Curation by Animation Nights New York with programming by Chitra Roy.

Films are available 11am - 11pm EST for one day. Join us for mixer events in the ANNY Virtual Event Space on webXR. (No headset is required. Platform is accessible via PC/Mac/Mobile.)

Please RSVP (Registration is limited). Donations are accepted and appreciated.

RSVP: https://www.animationnights.com/screening60/

Animated Short Film Program

TO THE DUSTY SEA. Héloïse Ferlay. France, 12:28.
THE DELUGE. Sayaka Hara. United Kingdom, 02:04.
NUDGE. Ben Couzens. United Kingdom, 01:51.
THE STATION'S SEAT. Carlos Santiago Ordoñez. Colombia, 07:52.
THE DYING SWAN. John Morena. United States, 01:13.
WHY SLUGS HAVE NO LEGS. Aline Höchli. Switzerland, 10:44.
MASTER OF LIGHT. Stefan Vogt. Germany, 01:40.
BRIGHTER. Juan Martin Miranda. Argentina, 04:52.
A SUN WILL ALWAYS SING. Chad Thompson. United States, 03:09. M52. Yves Paradis. Germany, 10:18.
ANNIHILATION SONG. Amanda Bonaiuto. United States, 03:52.

Approx. run time is approx 60 minutes.

Animation Nights New York (ANNY) is a monthly curated animation screening event and annual festival based in New York City. We show animated short films and virtual reality animation experiences from all around the world. (https://animationnights.com)

ANNY Exchange connects talent to opportunities. (https://annyexchange.com)