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Netflix News: 3 New Kids Series Announced, Q-Force Trailer


Netflix's original animation catalogue boasts a host of work from some of the top established talents in the industry. The streamer has attracted names like Glenn Keane, Nora TwomeyCraig McCracken, Mark Osborne, Jorge Guttierez, Chris Nee, Guillermo del Toro, Henry Sellick, Alex Hirsch and Masaaki Yuasa. But they're also offering opportunities to up-and-coming talents and helping to bring new voices into the field. Opportunities that might still be considered out-of-reach for newer artists at the more established studios. 

Netflix have announced three new additions to their kids and family animation slate that come from a mix of established and new talents.

A Tale Dark and Grimm is a new series based on Adam Gidwitz's best-selling book series. The CG-animated show comes from Executive Producer and Supervising director Simon Otto (Trollhunters: Tales Of Arcadia) with animation production by Boat Rocker Studios and Jam Filled Entertainment. The voice cast includes Raini Rodriguez, Andre Robinson (The Loud House) Scott Adsit (Big Hero 6), Ron Funches, Erica Rhodes,  Adam Lambert, Eric Bauza, Tom Hollander, Missi Pyle and Nicole Byer. The series is due in the autumn of this year.

Based on the best-selling book series by Adam Gidwitz, the animated series follows Hansel and Gretel as they run away from home to find better parents...or at least ones who won’t chop off their heads! As Hansel and Gretel leave their own story and venture through other classic Grimm fairy tales, unexpected narrators’ guide us through their encounters with witches, warlocks, dragons and even the devil himself. As the siblings roam a forest brimming with menacing foes, they learn the true story behind the famous tales, as well as how to take charge of their destinies and create their own happily ever after. Because once upon a time, fairy tales were awesome.

Also due this year is Dogs In Space, an adventure-comedy series created by Jeremiah Cortez and produced in partnership with Atomic Cartoons. Cortez also serves as Executive Producer, alongside Adam Henry. Jennifer Twiner McCarron, Matthew Berkowitz and Kristin Cummings. The cast is lead by former child star Hayley Joel Osmont,  and also features Kimiko Glenn, William Jackon Harper (The Good Place) and Rick and Morty stars Sarah Chalke and Chris Parnell.

 In the not-so-distant future, genetically enhanced dogs are sent across the universe in search of a new home for the human race. It’s a giant cosmic game of fetch, as the canines seek a planet that will save humanity and - more importantly - let them return to their beloved owners.

Due in 2022 comes Super Giant Robot Brothers from creators Victor Maldonado and Alfredo Torres (Love, Death, and Robots, Trollhunters) and produced by Reel FX Originals. An action-comedy about two giant robots who discover they are brothers, and together help defend the Earth from the forces of intergalactic evil. The showrunner will be Tommy Blacha- creator of Metalocalypse and writer on hugely underappreciated Comedy Central series Moonbeam City. Pixar veteran Mark Andrews (who took over directing Brave when Brenda Champman left the project) will direct the series.

Beyond the world of family-friendly entertainment, Netflix has also revealed an upcoming adult animated series called Q Force. Announced in time for Pride Month, the action-comedy series features the "queer spy division " of the title. Well, there's plenty of adult animation with raunchy sex jokes about straight people, so why shouldn't LGBTQ+ folks get theirs? The online reaction so far has been less than stellar, but the success of Paradise PD shows that raunchy comedy can find an audience. Q-Force arrives this September.