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Ari Folman's 'Where Is Anne Frank?' Premiere Set For Cannes


Back in 2008, Israeli film-maker Ari Folman made waves in the animation and wider film worlds with his debut animated feature Waltz With Bashir. Folman's film was an innovative docu-drama that used real-life interview testimonies and animation to recreate Israel's 1982 invasion of Lebanon. It was nominated for scores of awards, and unusually for an animated film, was nominated for the Oscar for Best Film Not In the English Language. Folman followed it up with the English language part live-action, part-animated sci-fi feature The Congress in 2013 but it was met with a mixed critical reception and didn't make much of a dent on the Box Office.

We first reported on Folman's next animated feature all the way back in 2015. Returning to much more serious subject matter the film was set to be based on the life of Anne Frank. There's been barely any news in the meantime, with Folman picking up only a number of live-action writing credits (in his native Israel). 

Folman also worked on the first authorised graphic novel adaptation of Frank's Diaries, illustrated by David Polosky, originally published by Pantheon in 2018. Now, it finally appears that the film is complete and will receive its world premiere, screening out of completion at The Cannes Film Festival, set to run from July 4-17.

Now titled Where is Ann Frank?, it is the first film ever to be supported by The Anne Frank Fonds Basel, allowing Folman rare access to Frank's diaries, other texts and family archives. The film is not a direct adaptation of the Diaries themselves but follows the journey of Anne's imaginary friend Kitty.

Kitty, the imaginary friend of Anne, is desperate to prove that her best friend is still alive. Kitty is a child of today, she’s wild, smart, tough, nervy, unfettered; she flees the Anne Frank House, steals the diary and sets out on the most difficult journey of all: discovering Anne’s fate after she and her family were caught by the Gestapo. 

The film was originally going to mix 2D and stop-motion animation, but somewhere along the line it became a fully 2D production. As shown in a selection of new images released online (and collected via Reddit) the film will feature a mix of different visual styles. Check out the images, below.

The UK rights were picked up by Altitude during production but release details elsewhere are to be announced.