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Netflix News: Q-Force, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Kid Cosmic and More

Netflix is currently one of the biggest producers of animation. They produce or co-produce animation for all audiences- regularly adding new animation for kid and adults and investing in anime and action animation. It's been a busy few days for the streamer, releasing trailers for several of their September animated releases, and beyond. 

The full trailer has arrived for the new Netflix's adult comedy Q Force. The series comes from showrunner and producer Gabe Liedman, a comedian, actor, writer and producer from New York whose credits include Pen 15, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Inside Amy Schumer and The Kroll Show, as well as making up half of double act Gabe & Jenny alongside Jenny Slate. Q-Force features a gay CIA agent who assembles a crack team of LGBTQ+ superspy geniuses. Q-Force streams from September 2.

 The sixth season of cult anime action saga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure subtitled Stone Ocean will make its debut on Netflix. The series will be released in groups of episodes, with the first few episodes set to drop in December. Get your first look in the new trailer!

For a radical change of pace, we come to the new incarnation of My Little Pony, the appropriately named A New Generation. Produced by Ireland's Boulder Media (Danger Mouse 2015) the new CG series seems to be a much more traditional approach than Friendship Is Magic, although the focus on the importance of friendship and kindness is still there. The series will be proceeded by an introductory movie arriving on Netflix on September 24.

Once upon a time, ponies, pegasi and unicorns all lived in harmony, but those days are no more. When a happy-go-lucky unicorn wanders into Maretown, Earth Pony “Sunny” and her new friends set out on an adventure to restore magic and friendship to all of Equestria! Join a new generation of ponies as they set out on an adventure to prove that friendship is for every pony, and our sparkle is brightest when we shine together! 

Craig McCracken's new show Kid Cosmic made its debut on Netflix earlier this year. Now it has been announced the series has been renewed for seasons 2 and 3. In even better news for its fans, that second season will be with us sooner than expected,  blasting off on September 7. Check out the trailer, below!

In case you missed it, the full trailer was also released earlier this week for the fantasy spin-off The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf.  The film follows the younger years of Vesemir as he escapes from humble beginnings to become a Witcher. Vesemir will go on to later become the mentor of Geralt, the protagonist of the main series (played on-screen by Henry Cavill). Before he can do that, he must face evil forces and his own demons. The film will hit Netflix on August 23, 2021.